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Disability videos: Frank Bruno, a blind skateboarder, how artificial eyes are made

Emma Tracey Emma Tracey | 12:32 UK time, Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Frank Bruno

Videos can be a powerful way of sharing a disability story. Here are some that have grabbed our attention recently.

Frank Bruno and his daughter Rachel talk about the boxing champion's mental health journey in this video for the Time to Change campaign. During the short but touching conversation, they remember the first time frank was sectioned and discuss how the family gradually came to approach mental illness in the same way one would a car tyre puncture. (Includes Bruno's brilliant laugh!)

Artificial eyes. Ever wondered how they're made?

Geek website Gismodo describes the process as 50 percent fascinating, 50 percent surprising and a hundred percent gross. Their words, not hours. Decide for yourself.

Blind skateboarder Tommy Carroll uses the sound of his wheels for orientation. This film showcases the US teenager's talents at the skate park. Like all self-respecting videos about disabled people doing things we thought they couldn't, it ends with a quote which is intended to inspire the audience: "You can overcome any obstacle if you really want it enough."

Stare at Shannon is an online video series by US wheelchair user Shannon Devido. The energetic young actress says that if people insist on staring at her all the time anyway, she might as well be "doing something awesome".

One episode of the humorous series sees Shannon leave the car at home and visit a drive through just in her chair.

• If you've seen an "awesome" online disability video recently, tell us about it in the comments below.

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