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Tweeting disability ... during the England riots

Emma Emma | 10:20 UK time, Monday, 15 August 2011

Last week's riots prompted a massive spike in Twitter usage by disabled and non-disabled people alike. We were regularly reminded to check on vulnerable neighbours and the hashtag #disabledriothelp was created, so that those in need of some emotional support could access it from fellow "tweeps".

Many were determined to retain a sense of humour during these difficult times.

On Tuesday morning Steve Sparshott Tweeted: "I did indeed park my 90kg wheelchair against the front door. Forgot to lock the door though. [Contact] me for a free security consultation."

Comedian Jim Sweeney

Later that evening, comedian with MS, Jim Sweeney, told Twitter of his unique plan of attack should trouble arise: "19:00. Wimbledon. Empty streets. Shops boarded up. Strange calm. Connected catheter to a hosepipe. Face full of [pee] for the first one"

Elsewhere on Twitter

Why do aliens always disembark via ramp? Do they have problems with stairs? Or are flying saucers just handicap-accessible? Neil deGrasse Tyson, @neiltyson, an American astro physicist.

Just looking at charity fundraising tweets today... one lot are jumping off a tower, another lot are jumping out of a plane. Tough times. Charlie Swinbourne, @charlie_swin, deaf writer and film maker.

Sitting by the sea having a coffee breathing sea air with my new lungs didn't think I would do this again loving my holiday. Mark W, UKCybernaut, a recent double lung transplant recipient.


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