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Tweeting disability: bumper stickers and disabled friends

Emma Emma | 14:35 UK time, Monday, 1 August 2011

A glimpse into the lives of disabled people from all over the world, via Twitter. With added fascinating biogs.

Just seen AWFUL bumper sticker: 'Men are like parking spaces: the good one's [sic] are taken & the rest are handicapped or too small.'
Lisa Lynch, @LisaLynch London. Blogger and breast cancer surviver

Figured it out now. If I want to be treated like I'm lazy use the mobility scooter. To be treated like I'm stupid use the powerchair.
Peter's Mum, @petersmum. Mum with fibromyalgia

One of my Uni friends said recently that I have too many disabled friends... Um no, but I'm thinking that one less Uni friend will be fine.
Sarah Ward, @Gentle Chaos. Occupational therapist and musician.

A coworker with an ear infection just came up to me and said that now she understands what it's like to be deaf. Uhh, I have no words!
The Pawpower Pack, @pawpower. Deafblind, Herbalist, Canine Massage Therapist from New Orleans



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