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  • Posted by Jemma Brown
  • 28 Jan 08, 8:23 PM

... it defiantly has its down sides, today for the first time in ages (ok, not that long really) I fell over and it reminded me of how much I HATE falling over.

I haven’t had a “floor incident” in quite a while, if you don’t count the many on my silver Duke of Edinburgh; 11 in one day IS quite impressive! So to fall over whilst simply walking down the road today was a little distressing. The most irritating thing is that it’s a road I walk down on a regular basis and I have no idea what made me go down. I blame my floppy ankles they are so double jointed and strange that they can turn over, not hurt at all but I just end up on the floor.

Of course the worst thing about the whole incident was that I put my elbow through my pizza, very traumatic stuff.

I am defiantly in need of some sympathy, I managed to take a small chunk out of my knee on one side of it and graze the other, and of course I had to walk home with muddy, bloody knees which just isn’t a good look.

I fear I may have ruined yet another pair of trousers; I melted some playing Goalball last week, possibly some shopping is in order.

Now all though this post is mostly about me feeling extremely sorry for myself, there is another thing I wanted to write about today.

There are plans to completely overhaul the current system of blue badges, AKA: disabled parking badges. Under the current rules I am not entitled to a blue badge, if I was registered blind I would be, but being partially sighted is not enough alone. Equally I am not entitled for a badge purely on strange biomechanics that create incidents like todays.

I think it’s a bit bizarre, I’m entitled to DLA and all the other perks to being disabled but I’m not allowed a blue badge, but my mum is because she is registered blind, sounds to me like the system does need a little bit of work.

I know that a lot of disabled people feel that blind people should not be eligible for blue badges; needless to say I don’t agree with this, there are times especially as a guide dog owner when having a blue badge is an essential.

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I can't believe that anyone would be insensitive enough not to realise how important blue badges are for guide dog owners. In my eyes, guide dog owners are right up there with wheelchair users on the blue badge priority list. How can you walk a long distance if you can't see where you're going?

Sars its great you are so understanding! Lots of people are not Blind people are so oftern seen as now worthy as a badge just because they cant drive!

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  • At 11:15 PM on 31 Jan 2008, Caroline wrote:

I too have have had two falls in two todays. I do wear leather trousers I find they can stand the falls better look dam sexy and protect your knees a little bit. You can pick up second hand ones on ebay!

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