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Drum roll please...

  • Posted by Giraffe-a-licious
  • 4 Dec 07, 2:25 PM

I apologise for the somewhat egotistical title to this, my first Ouch blog, but I was trying to think of a new and exciting way of introducing myself. Quite obviously I failed. Thus the drum roll.

How to start? Well my profile should give you some idea of who you're dealing with. I do my best to be a fairly happy go lucky kind of gal most of the time but have a dark side that likes to reveal itself at inopportune moments; usually in the form of cynical rants against the state of the world today.

I started blogging back in August. I'm not sure if anyone actually reads it , butI'm quite used to that. I've been doing a hospital radio show for years and I'm positive that 90% of the time there isn't anyone listening. On the plus side it means that if I make any bungles then there's no-one around to hear them!

As my profile says, I've had M.E. for almost 10 years. Last year was a good health year and I even began entertaining the possibility of a part-time job in the not too distant future. Annoyingly (well, not annoyingly... annoyingly doesn't even begin to describe the frustration) I had a severe relapse in March of this year which put paid to any such ideas. So I'm currently forcing myself to be content with little bits and pieces of volunteering and writing. It actually works sometimes!

No doubt Ouch will soon be privy to my, in-some-quarters legendary, rants on all things benefit forms related. I can feel the atmosphere of anticipation building already!

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  • At 03:54 PM on 04 Dec 2007, spongebob squarepants wrote:

the link to blog at the end of the article doesn't work cause there's a rogue " at the end of it. needs fixing, folks

  • 2.
  • At 06:00 PM on 04 Dec 2007, Giraffe-a-licious wrote:

Thanks spongebob - all sorted now :)

Welcome to the Ouch Blog!

I have friends with M.E. - and was misdiagnosed with it myself for a while, when I had a post-viral fatigue thing. Living with it for ten years can't be easy, but you must have some interesting stories. Looking forward to reading them.

Just had a quick look at you blog - cool - like the pink!

And I share your fondness for giraffes. It's not bizarre. If you have a giraffe around you never need a ladder to paint the upstairs windows.

Welcome to Ouch. I'm sure you'll enjoy blogging here with the rest of us.

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