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2 Sep 07, 7:33 PM - Digital Life

Posted by Mark

Since a rather young age, I've had a close, personal relationship with my computer. Several computers, in fact: from an Apple IIe I had back in the mid-eighties to my current homebrewed system. My ongoing love affair with computers has a lot to do with the simple fact that it's the one activity I can engage in with complete independence. When I'm using the computer, I don't need anyone's assistance or intervention. Thanks to a couple pieces of assistive technology that allow me to move the mouse cursor with my head and emulate a mouse click with a slight twitch of my thumb, I can use a computer with a good deal of proficiency. Without this technology, I'm not sure how I would have completed school or held down a job.

Of course, I also use my computer for more mundane tasks like e-mail, managing my overwhelmingly large music collection, and writing blog posts like this one. The only thing I can't do is play certain games that require more head-eye coordination than I can muster (I'm looking at you, Bioshock), but that's probably for the best. Easy access to games might cause me to give up my title of "Sad Geek" in exchange for "Truly Pathetic Geek". Besides, in another ten years I'll probably be able to get one of those neural implants that will let me control the computer with pure thought. At which time I'll be able to quit this lawyer gig and make a living on the professional videogaming circuit.

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