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Share A Smile

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Dave Hingsburger | 16:03 UK time, Monday, 16 July 2007

Joe came up from downstairs yesterday carrying a box and saying, "Hey, look what I found." In his hands is a pink box. I can't imagine for a second what he'd unearthed from the piles cluttering up our basement. But as he got closer, my heart lept for joy.

"It's Share a Smile Becky!" I screamed, trying not to sound to ... um ... gay.

Becky is commonly known as 'Wheelchair Barbie' even though it is very clear that the Beckster is Barbie's friend. She sits in her pink and purple wheelchair with the chrome wheels and the white carry-all bag on the back, waving out through the plastic window. And, true to promise, she's smiling. Forgive me but I was so happy that I shared that smile with her.

On closer inspection, I see that she is wearing a white tee with a happyface flower pulled on over her bodacious ta tas and a blue mini skirt over pink leggings. She's still in fashion even though she came out in 1997, I believe. I had picked her up at a Toys-R-Us in Boston, getting two. One to rip open and play with. (Shut up.) And this one to keep preserved in the box. When I bought her, of course, I had no idea that I would one day be Share a Smirk Dave with a wheelchair all my own.

On the back of the package there is a picture of Becky with, Christie (African American Barbie) and Barbie herself. A true picture of diversity. The three happy young women enjoying time together. The funny thing about the picture, though, is that Barbie and Christine are standing, one on each side of Becky. That's right, standing.

Everyone knows that Barbie, Christine, and all the other AB Barbies, can't stand up. (Don't ask me how I know, just imagine how proud my parents were when I was a boy.) Not a single Barbie doll has the capacity to stand on her own. The all have tiny little feet upon which balance is impossible. In reality, Barbie and Christie would be on the ground, face down, while Becky smile's on.

Becky is the only Barbie doll that was ever upright, independantly.

The only stable Barbie, is crip Barbie.

She's on the desk beside me now, smiling out.

Probably appreciating the irony.

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I believe another reason why Barbie can't stand is because those little feet are designed to be worn with high heels on, so the heels come already elevated. So if you tried to stand her (barefooted at least) then only the balls of her feet would touch the floor. (Or desk as the case may be.) Even with heels -- well, as you point out, the feet and high heel shoes are so tiny it's impossible to balance on them anyway.

But, unlike some of us, it's been far too many years for me to remember clearly. O Barbie Expert Dave -- am I right?

Yes, you are right, as far as I remember. I admit to almost putting that in the post but I was a wee bit unsure about Barbie's feet. I think you're right, though Andrea.

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  • At 07:58 AM on 17 Jul 2007, carole wrote:

Hi Dave
Followed the link from Chewing The Fat, and am glad that I did :o)

Was never a Barbie fan - the English Sindy had somewhat more realistic shaped "ta-ta's". She often ended up hi-jacking ActionMans jeep and combat trousers in deference to her heels and miniskirts lol! (and nobody guessed!)

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  • At 04:08 AM on 18 Jul 2007, Audrey wrote:

Heh heh!
Love this post!
It's so true. That Barbie with the wheelchair could do so much more! She could even race on double hotwheel tracks!
I wonder if my old Look Around Chrissy could be modified to go sighted guide?

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