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Callaghan left unprotected

Martin Rosenbaum | 13:36 UK time, Wednesday, 24 May 2006

The impact of FOI is uneven. While it's sometimes surprising what still remains secret, it's also surprising what some authorities will now actually release in this new era of openness.

Take this for example. The Special Branch of the Metropolitan Police has given the BBC documents from their personal protection file for the former prime minister James Callaghan, who died last year.

This document reveals how officers were concerned about the 'highly unsatisfactory' alarm system at his farm in Sussex. Problems included that it was frequently set off by the pigs.

Matters were so bad that one day a terrible thing happened - a Jehovah's Witness managed to make it through the gate, reach the house and talk to Callaghan personally before the officers meant to be guarding him cottoned on to this threat to his security.

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  • At 08:22 PM on 24 May 2006,
  • Seamus O'Blimey wrote:

They're releasing details like that and that's the best you can do with them? Not an interesting post.

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