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With my event, the men's mountain bike cross country, coming up on Saturday, all is going well but I'm getting bored with waiting and just want to get on with it.

The training camp in Chanping, north of Beijing, went really well and was a great location with good roads and a relaxed atmosphere.

Since coming to the Olympic Village things are a bit busier but all is still good.

The success of the other Brits - and in particular the cyclists - is amazing and great to be involved with it, and hopefully I can add to it on Saturday.

The course has been made far tougher than the test race last year and is now a real test. It will be every man for himself out there as there is no hiding.

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It is now less than five weeks to the Olympic mountain bike race and everything is on track. I have just completed a hard three-week training block and I am now on a five-day easy period before starting my final training block, then flying out to Beijing.

The training started with a few days' riding at home in Bristol and then I headed up to the cycling centre in Manchester for two days, where I picked up my Games kit and also did a simulation session riding on a treadmill with Beijing heat and humidity.

A session that I have done many times became a real test as my core temperature went through the roof. It was a real eye-opener as to how bad the conditions could be, and a motivator to make sure I concentrate on this area.

In the pursuit of heat tolerance, I then headed down to the south of Spain for 10 days. Training in 35C heat was just what I needed and the camp was a success, as, by the end, I was training hard without feeling like my head was in an oven.

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I'm a cross-country mountain bike racer, competing at my third Olympics in Beijing.

I finished 23rd in Sydney eight years ago, and 17th in Athens in 2004. Over the last few seasons I have found my best condition and improved at a world level with a few top 10s and a silver at the Commonwealth Games.

The aim at the Olympics is to ride my bike faster than I've ever ridden it before.

Hopefully that'll put me in the mix of the race, which is where you quite often get a front group of seven or eight guys forming, and then the race is won from that. I'd like to be in that group.

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