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Returning home from Beijing with such a hugely talented group of athletes after being away for so long made me feel incredibly proud. We didn't realise how much the team had captured the country's imagination until we touched down at Heathrow.

I was slightly jealous of missing out by 38cm on a business-class seat and the press conference and general adulation of the British public! I sat right at the back of the plane by the toilets feeling immensely proud to be British.

How do you reflect on coming fourth at the Olympic Games?

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For a few minutes on Thursday I thought my Games were over. I have come to really appreciate just how incredible the human body is!

My time in Macau was very well spent. I did a few PBs in training (sprinting and lifting) so now I am in the best physical and technical shape of my life.

Unfortunately I picked up a tummy bug on Wednesday, but with the help of the docs, nutritionists and a few antibiotics I have managed to get over it pretty quickly.

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It has been a crazy few weeks. Olympic selection, lots of training, pushing the world's best all the way at Crystal Palace, a rather interesting photoshoot on top of a postbox in Newmarket, and now we're just a few days from setting off for Beijing.

Whatever happened in the London Grand Prix at the weekend wasn't going to change my confidence ahead of the Olympics. Although I lost out to Christina Obergfoll (she's the world number two from Germany), I am really pleased with my performance - 63.82 metres was a good distance.

It was a great atmosphere at Crystal Palace - I really felt at home. I have been performing consistently, and it's now twice I've beaten Germany's Steffi Nerius, so that's all really nice.

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I compete in the javelin.

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