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It's few hours after our quarter-final defeat to Lee Hyojung and Lee Yongdae of South Korea and I'm obviously still gutted about losing, but then you've got to feel proud of yourself because the pair that we played were awesome and we couldn't have done any more.

They were quicker, more consistent, had a great game plan and didn't let us into the game.

And then of course you've got all the emotions about the Olympics, because you want to do the country really proud and you want to get medals, and also the fact it's probably my last match.

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Three weeks to go until the Olympics start - and you won't believe it, but I've got a horrendous cold! It's actually got worse over the last few days - I can't even breathe properly, but I'm on antibiotics so hopefully that'll cure me.

It's been a while since I last blogged, so let me just update you on what's been happening. At the end of April I went on holiday to Goa with my boyfriend Ed - 10 days of sun, really hot, lovely beach, really chilled out, and once I got back, we got straight into our 12-week programme of Olympic training.

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I'm playing in my final Olympics in Beijing.

I won the mixed doubles silver medal with Nathan Robertson in Athens four years ago and the world championship in 2006.

Away from badminton, one of my guiltiest pleasures is eating cheese.

I support Tottenham, enjoy watching DVDs and would love to travel round South America.

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