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My main job at the BBC is at Radio 1, where I have been presenting and reporting on sport for Newsbeat for the last five years.

It's quite a varied job, involving a lot of football all year round and cricket, tennis and motorsport in the summer. However, my minor sport specialisms are badminton and volleyball (indoor and beach), which is why I'll be keeping my eyes on those in the Olympics.

I played badminton when I was a fair bit younger, and I wasn't all that bad, but it was after a humiliating 21-4 "whooping" by current England player Nathan Rice that I realised I probably wouldn't make it as a professional.

As for the volleyball disciplines, my uncle has been heavily involved in the sport for a while as an umpire and scorer in London - through him I have followed volleyball and made the contacts ahead of the Olympics.

In terms of British success, I dare say badminton is our best bet. Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson were the "golden couple" of the last Olympics (they're not really together off-court, before you ask) as they marched to the final in Athens and were up in the decider, only to lose to Ling Gao and Jun Zheng. They'll be in the mix again in Beijing, especially as it's Gail's last Games, and don't rule out Donna Kellogg and Anthony Clark either.

As for volleyball, no British interest in the indoor event, but we do have a chance in beach - Lucy Boulton and Denise Johns are the leading GB women's pair, but they face a real race against time if they're going to make it to Beijing.

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