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I spoke out against GB head coach Peter Suk immediately after my quarter-final defeat at the Olympic Games and then retracted it on reflection in my blog later that day.

Since then, I've had more time to reflect and I stand by what I originally said and if a lot of things don't get better, I will pack it in and that's not me being a sore loser.

Concerns need to be raised for the benefit of the whole of GB archery - if we can push on, the funding will get there, if not, the sport goes back to no funding and fewer competitors.

The next three or four years are going to be interesting with London 2012 coming up - we should get more input into what we need to become world and Olympic champions.

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It's been my first Olympics and while I'm disappointed not to get a medal, it's been a fine line all the way.

Let me start by putting straight what I said after I was knocked out of the archery in the last 16 earlier today.

I was cheesed off with my performance and then went straight into interviews. Sometimes you say stuff in the heat of the moment which you otherwise wouldn't.

I always said I wanted to compete in the Olympics and finish with a smile on my face and I didn't do that, but now I've been to the gym for an hour, I've had time to reflect a bit more.

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After four days of being in the Olympic Village, I'm finally starting to get to know my way around.

This place is massive, it's like a small town and it's bigger than the village I come from in Cumbria.

It's been a good few days though mingling with the other athletes and being recognised by Lleyton Hewitt.

But with my competition starting tomorrow, it's time for final preparations.

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The fact that I am actually going to the Olympic Games kicked in for the first time on Tuesday when I went to pick up my kit.

Last month's qualifying shoot-off, followed by finding out my mum had suffered a heart attack and a World Cup meet in France had left me mentally exhausted, but I've had a few days of relaxation and now I'm raring to go.

I've also got two large suitcases full of stuff like suits, shoes, tracksuits, a camcorder and the GB mascot.

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I will be 27 just five days before my first Olympic Games begin.

I won a bronze medal at last year's Archery World Cup final in Dubai and won silvers at a World Cup tournament in Dover and the World Championships in Leipzig

My Olympic events will be finished in the first week of the Games with the individual ranking round starting on 9 August, the team event taking place on 11 August and the individual elimination rounds on 13 and 15 August.

Away from archery I enjoy a bit of golf, although this has been on hold in recent months so as not to interfere with my Olympic preparations.

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