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When the Hungarian fencing committee told Aladar Gerevich he was too old to compete at the 1960 Rome Olympics, the 50-year-old had other ideas.

He challenged all the other members of the team, and beat them, to silence the doubters.

Gerevich was not just any fencer, but one who had won six gold medals, one silver and two bronze at the previous five Olympics.

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I've been in Beijing for 24 hours now. This is my first visit to China.

A few months ago I was concerned that not having worked here before might turn out to be a disadvantage for me, but I have begun to change my view. When I got off the plane at Beijing airport I did so with a fresh pair of eyes.

I haven't travelled here with any prejudices brought on by bad experiences from previous trips. I don't have any memories of suffocating pollution. I am simply going to live the Olympic experience, and, I have to say, so far my impressions have been almost a hundred per cent positive.

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