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#Macca6Music - what do you think should be in the Ultimate Paul McCartney Playlist?

Will Gilgrass

Well, well, well - the star, the master, the icon Sir Paul McCartney is coming to Maida Vale to play for us and you as part of Lauren Live next month.

He’ll be joining Goldfrapp, Polica, Sigur Ros and Manic Street Preachers from October 14 to 18 at the legendary studios – and you can be there for any of them by applying here.

This is the part of the blog where we normally explain the impact and legacy of the artists, label or movement we’re basing Now Playing around in any particular week – but this time around we think you probably know what The Beatles have done.

So – what to pick, you decide!
• Your favourite Beatles tracks, b-sides and rarities
• Tracks Macca sang after the Fab Four as Wings or under his own name
• People he inspired… Where to begin?
• Artists he’s worked with from Stevie Wonder to Lulu, George Benson or even The Bloody Beetroots
• Or maybe one of his fellow Maida Vale performers this October

As always you pick the music, so let us know what you want to hear by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page, Tweet #Macca6Music, send us an email with your suggestion and reason to or add tracks to our collaborative Spotify or Rdio playlists.

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