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#Grohl6Music - Help pick the Ultimate Dave Grohl Playlist

Will Gilgrass

The nicest man in rock and roll and a living Godlike Genius, what Dave Grohl hasn’t done with a band frankly isn’t worth doing.

There was widespread online pandemonium when details emerged on Tuesday about his super group – Sound City Players – playing their first UK show next week, the day after the screening of his documentary in cinemas across the country. So we thought why turn Now Playing into a warm up and celebrate the legend that is Dave Grohl.

From initially playing the drums with Scream and Nirvana, Dave took centre stage with the Foo Fighters in 1994 and hasn’t looked back. Plaudits and awards have littered been so frequent he’s probably had to build an extra house to keep them all in, and the list of people he’s worked with – from The Prodigy to Sir Paul McCartney – closely resembles a list of the most important musicians of the most two decades.

The hard bit of this show isn’t going to be filling two hours – but keeping it to just 116 minutes (once we’ve taken news into account).

You could choose:

It's up you to shape the playlist. Tweet your suggestions using #Grohl6Music, leave your suggestions on our Facebook page, e-mail your Dave Grohl stories or add tracks to our collaborative Spotify Playlist. And if you're a Suede fan be sure to tune in to BBC Radio 6 Music this Sunday from 6pm.

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