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#6Music2013 - Bloggers Picks for 2013 Part II

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Producer Will Producer Will | 14:47 UK time, Friday, 4 January 2013


We've given you Part I of who some of our favourite bloggers think are going to be big in 2013 - and here are the rest. But what we really want to know is who do you think is going to make a massive impact on music in the next 12-months. Let us know by leaving a comment on this blog or Tweet #6Music2013.

The Asphodells (Beats and Beyond)
The new album from The Asphodells is perhaps Andrew Weatherall’s most accessible work to date, which is not to say it’s lacking in depth, more that’s its imbued with an instantaneous appeal that shows just how much fun was had in its making. Along with Timothy J. Fairplay in this project it's one to watch for sure.

George Ezra (My Band is Better Than Your Band)
At just 19-years old the Bristol-based singer has already toured with Lianne La Havas and been signed to Columbia. His voice sounds like he’s been smoking 40 a day for the last 50 years, full of soul it’s just utterly beautiful.

High Highs (The 405)
It feels like High Highs have been around forever. Their self titled EP dropped back in November 2011 and has been part of our staple diet ever since. It plays like a less morose xx but with a greater sense of dynamics, so we are understandably excited for their debut album Open Season, which is released on January 25 - and we can safely say that you are in for a real treat.

Willy Moon (Some Kind of Awesome) With only a handful of songs to his name, Willy Moon is gaining a lot of interest from a lot of different people. If Jack White's a fan you know he's got to be doing something right! His highly infectious single Yeah Yeah has been unavoidable, so here's to hoping his follow up tracks are going to be just as dance worthy.

John Wean (Love Music Love Life) The Glasgow 'indie-pop-rock' four-piece have gained our attention through outstanding festival appearances and an infectious EP in 2012. Blending their catchy sounds, taking influence from Arctic Monkeys and The Wombats, the band will release their debut album this year. If their previous tracks are anything to go by, we can guarantee it will be worth a listen.

Haim (Pigeons & Planes) Haim has an unfair advantage: they're three sisters who look like they'd fit perfectly into an Urban Outfitters catalog. Haim succeed because they aren't just three cool-looking sisters—they're three cool-looking sisters who care deeply about music and do it well. Just look at their faces when they play. It's hard to say whether or not a sense of music is genetic, but Haim provides a good piece of evidence that it is.

Tiny Fingers (Cougar Microbes) Tiny Fingers instrumental live set MEGAFAUNA - released at the end of 2012 - fused elements of post-rock, live electronica, dubstep and psychedelia into an explosive mixture. Having already made waves in their native Israel with radio appearances and numerous live shows the four-piece were also hand selected for support dates for The Mars Volta.

Gerard and the Watchmen (For Folk’s Sake) Harmony-drenched folky trio Gerard and the Watchmen are fast gathering fans and critical plaudits. Check out their debut album I Climbed A Tree and catch them on their February UK tour.

Nautic (Dummy) At Dummy we're really excited about what oddball soul-funk outfit Nautic are going to come up with this year. They're the sort-of supergroup founded by producer Bullion and singer/musicians Laura Groves and Tic, and have an ever-expanding group of musicians joining them on record and for live. Their debut single Fresh Eyes, released at the end of 2012 on Bullion's new label DEEK, was a saxophone-led jam that lifted the soul - and we're hungry for more.

Anna Meredith (CMU) Already known as a classical composer and pundit, Anna Meredith has another life as an electronic music producer. In recent months she’s been getting more attention in this guise too, particularly since the release of her debut EP, Black Prince Fury. Its lead track, Nautilus, is a bold and enthralling track and one of the tracks that got me most excited in 2012 and I can’t wait to hear more in 2013.


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