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#Manics6Music - help pick the Ultimate Manic Street Preachers Playlist

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Producer Will Producer Will | 13:20 UK time, Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Twenty years ago Manic Street Preachers released their debut album Generation Terrorists. Its blend of buzz -saw guitars and political sloganeering launched the career of one of Britain's most successful alternative rock bands and got everyone talking when they told the music press that it was going to sell a million copies after which they'd promptly split up. 

Thankfully they didn't keep their promise and the Manics have gone on to be one of the most influential bands of the last two decades. This Sunday on Now Playing we want you to help us celebrate their unmistakable impression on British music by creating the Ultimate Manic Street Preachers Playlist.

So when you think of James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and co - what instantly springs to mind?
* Is it one of the band's classic singles or one of your favourite B-sides or album tracks?
* The band's inspirations, like The Clash, The Smiths, Iggy Pop or The Jesus and Mary Chain
* Bands that the Manics have covered such as Primal Scream, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana or The The
* Acts that have remixed The Manics - perhaps David Holmes, Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack
* Collaborators and conspirators from The Cardigans' Nina Persson to Gruff Rhys via Shirley Bassey... Oh and don't forget Kylie.

It's up to you - to get involved leave your suggestions below, post them on our Facebook page, Tweet them to us using #Manics6Music, e-mail us or add suggestions to our collaborative Spotify playlist. And remenber, if you're a Manics fan it'll be the music you love for two hours on Sunday from 6pm.


  • Comment number 1.

    I think it would be nice if some of their less well known stuff was played personally. B-sides like Black garden, Dead passive, I Know the numbers, Love torn us under or Too cold here would be great. Even some of the less well known A-sides like Methadone pretty, PCP, This is yesterday, Elvis Impersonator, Enola alone, Small black flowers, Interiors, Ready for drowning, Born a girl, Black dog on my shoulder, Facing page top left or This joke sport severed would be great to hear on sunday!

  • Comment number 2.

    Sleepflower would be fantastic, it sets up Gold Against The Soul perfectly, and it's a very special song for fans who went to a lot of Manics gigs in the 2000s.

  • Comment number 3.

    Early b-sides for me, too. Hibernation, Under My Wheels (BBC Friday Rock Show session), Comfort Comes, Sorrow 16, Soul Contamination, RP McMurphy, their live versions of The Clash's What's My Name and Train In Vain, Bored Out Of My Mind, Dead Yankee Drawl - but also later b-sides like Automatik Teknicolour, I Know The Numbers, Dead Trees And Traffic Islands, Love Letter To The Future, Slow Reflections/Strange Delays, and the Manics' beautiful covers of McCarthy's Red Sleeping Beauty and Charles Windsor need played to death too - and a Manics-inspired song, From Nowhere To Nowhere by The Exiles... there's a free download of an early mix here: https://soundcloud.com/strummerville/the-exiles-from-nowhere-to ;) And any track from The Holy Bible, any track off Lifeblood, Found That Soul off of Know Your Enemy - Some Public Enemy, like She Watch Channel Zero, Fight The Power, Louder Than A Bomb, some stuff by The Who, like I'm A Boy, Go To The Mirror or I Can See For Miles or Tattoo some Guns N' Roses, like Estranged, It's So Easy, Paradise City. French Film Blurred, Men 2nd or Outdoor Miner by Wire. Anything from the debut albums by the Pistols or The Clash or early b-sides like 1977 or City Of The Dead, I Wanna Be Me or Satellite. Some early Dexys Midnight Runners like Dance Stance, One Way Love, Show Me or Geno. But for flip's sake play PATRICK BATEMAN! x

  • Comment number 4.

    Ocean Spray, just because it evokes a certain sadness that we can all relate when we lose somebody close to us but also because it proves that James on his first songwriting credit was just as much a brilliant lyricist as Nicky and Richey. Tom Holt from Wakefield.

  • Comment number 5.

    Obvious start - greatest song in the world ever - Faster.
    Prologue to History
    Motown Junk
    Me & Stephen Hawking
    Enola / Alone
    The Convalescent (Am I the only one who loves this song?)
    Close My Eyes
    Spectators of Suicide
    This Is Yesterday
    Rendition (see Convalescent)
    Let Robeson Sing
    Comfort Comes
    Of Walking Abortion

    And I think I will stop there, if I thought about it tomorrow, I'd come up with a different list (apart from Faster - did I mention it is the greatest song in the world ever?)

  • Comment number 6.

    The first manics song I ever heard was Motorcycle Emptiness and I've been hooked ever since, It has to be on. I love the classics, so I'd also add Little Baby Nothing, La Tristessa Durera, Australia, If You Tolerate This and Faster. There are so many great songs to choose from, I wouldn't disagree with anyone choices.

  • Comment number 7.

    This is very difficult and what I would pick this week would be different next week!! Have gone with a Concert Style 28 songs!

    1.The Girl That Wanted To Be God
    3.We are all bourgeois now
    4.Roses In The Hospital
    5.Motorcycle Emptiness
    6.You Love Us
    7.Solitude Sometimes Is...
    9.Die in the Summertime
    10.Black Dog on My Shoulder
    11.Working Class Hero
    12.She Bathed Herself In a bath of bleach
    13. Golden Platitudes
    14. La Tristesse
    16. Nobody Loved you.
    17. Stay Beautiful
    18. Let Roebson Sing
    20. Tsunami
    21. You Stole The Sun..
    22 Close My Eyes
    23 Motown Junk
    24 Baby Elian
    25 Motown Junk
    26 Design For Life
    27 If You Tolerate This...
    28 Your Love Alone...

  • Comment number 8.

    I'd love to hear Yes played on the radio for once - an amazingly powerful and emotive song - but I guess that's a tough ask. So how about Never Want Again, one of the early B sides, in all its joyful nihilism - a glorious contradiction in terms of course but hey, we are talking about the Manics here ...

  • Comment number 9.

    The Manics released some cracking B-sides around this time - the best of which is probably Democracy Coma, which the record company in the US deemed good enough to include on Generation Terrorists. Some corkers were left out of the Lipstick Traces B-sides compilation too - most notably Starlover (Heavenly You Love Us B-side) - their last grungy shout before the polished sheen of GT swept in.

    Also when I think back to gigs around the time of GT, I think of Shampoo - the two members of which used to show up at gigs in leopard print coats selling their Manics fanzine. So Bouffant Headbutt by them would be amazing to hear. Supporting the Manics on that tour was Kinky Machine (later Rialto)... anyone remember them? Swivelhead was a brilliantly riffy tune.

  • Comment number 10.

    Roses in the Hospital has everything - a great dance beat, Slashtastic guitar break, AND a **** in the chorus. Hazelton Avenue - Manics soul train #2, who could not swing their hips to this. Autumnsong and I'm Just a Patsy - G'n'R still an influence. Take the Skinheads Bowling - James gets the tone so right, bet they had fun recording this. The Future Has Been Here 4ever - great song and it would be lovely to hear a song sung by Nicky on the radio.

  • Comment number 11.

    Sculpture of man, comfort comes, everlasting, faster, revol, lover's sweet exile, motorcycle emptiness. The whole of the holy bible would be too depressing in these difficult times! Maybe Cardiff Afterlife which I love but not all Manics fans I know like it.

  • Comment number 12.

    Ooh, I can't believe no one has mentioned their cover of Rihanna's 'Umbrella' - epic.

  • Comment number 13.

    Found that soul
    Me and Stephen Hawking
    Elvis Impersonator
    Ready for Drowning
    Solitude sometimes is
    Small black flowers...
    This Joke Sport Severed
    Sculpture of man
    No Surface all feeling
    Suicide Alley
    Strip it down
    This is Yesterday
    No one Knows what it's like to be me
    Motown Junk

  • Comment number 14.

    Ultimate top 10 tracks
    Crucifix kiss
    Facing page:top left
    I live to fall asleep
    Valley boy
    Ocean spray
    This joke sport severed

  • Comment number 15.

    Some personal favourites from official albums:

    So Dead
    Nostalgic Pushead
    A Design for Life
    You're Tender and You're Tired
    Ocean Spray
    I Live to Fall Asleep
    All Is Vanity
    A Billion Balconies Facing the Sun

    And, since Katie mentioned it, Rihanna's "Umbrella", 'cause that cover totally rocks.

  • Comment number 16.

    It has to be 'A design for life' we always play it in the car as we cross the Severn Bridge into Wales


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