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#Blog6Music - the winners at the first Now Playing Blog Awards

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Producer Will Producer Will | 21:00 UK time, Friday, 2 March 2012


Tonight was the night, we all had our tails and top hats, we rolled out the red carpet and celebrated a few (slightly left of centre) awards.

Bringing some of the best of the blogs onto the show and using their followers to source the winners not only did we come up with some very well deserving artists - but we created an awesome show of music as well!

* IAmAmIWhoAmI - O (Best Tease of the Last 12 Months hosted by The Recommender)
* Perc (Tomorrow’s Cult Artist Today hosted by The Quietus)
* Hey Sholay (Must See New Band for Summer 2012 hosted by Drowned in Sound)
* Outfit (Most Genre Defying Artist hosted by One For the People)
* Gordon Mills Jr. (Unsung Hero – Never Enough Notes)
* The Leisure Society (Writes Songs Joni Mitchell Would be Proud Of hosted by For Folk’s Sake)
* Bon Iver - Bon Iver (The Album of the Year that you Never, Ever, Skipped a Track on. Ever hosted by SKOA)
* The Weeknd - House of Balloons (Best Free Download Album hosted by The 405)
* Disclosure (‘Superstar DJ’ in the Making hosted by Data Transmission)
* Orbital - Belfast (The Ultimate Mediterranean Anthem hosted by 6 Mix)

In case you missed it, listen again here on iPlayer.

And here are the explinations:

The Best Tease Of The Last 12 Months – IamAmIWhoAmI
The Recommender says:
“I'd have preferred to put forward Elliphant, as they have The Recommender so excited right now, but alas I Am Am I Who Am I are far and away the clear winners. This Scandinavian have put out a series of 19 YouTube teaser trailers, which have run for over two years now, without ever fully confirming who they are. Their new tune, Drops, arrived with another glossy video this week and rumour has it the album, Kin, is coming out in June”

Tomorrow’s Cult Star Today – Perc
The Quietus says:
“Perc’s 2011 album Wicker & Steel was one of our favourites of last year. As well as his own music, a punishing welding together of techno and industrial, Ali runs his own label Perc Trax, which puts out some of the best cold steel electronic music going at the moment - check out the recent EP from Dead Sound & Videohead for the sensation of sticking your cranium through a blender.”

Must See New Band for Summer 2012 – Hey Sholay
Drowned in Sound says:
“Lots of people can sing. Many people can jump around. But to do both, so exceptionally, darting from Buckley to Mike Patton in the blink of a beat is rather special. For some reason the more sprawling key-heavy bits of their songs remind me of the Charlatans (who are always one of my favourite bands to see at festivals).”

Most Genre Defying Artist - Oufit
One for the People says:
“Outfit are one of the most exciting British bands to emerge in the last few years. They make an intriguing, enigmatic mix of sounds, culminating in a dark current of new age indie music. Outfit prove that British bands are progressing away from that very "indie" first decade of the millennium and onto exciting pastures new.”

Unsung Hero - Gordon Mills Jr.
Never Enough Notes says:
“People suggested festival toilet cleaners, box office workers and such but the clear winner was no other than Gordon Mills Jr. He’s spent the last few years championing unsigned talent, taking risks where others have ignored. He works tirelessly, producers incredible songs, and his writing credits range from Newton Faulkner to Ed Sheeran - yet nobody has really heard of him. What a firecracker!

Writes Songs Joni Mitchell Would be Proud Of - The Leisure Society
For Folk’s Sake says:
“The winner of the 'Writes Songs Joni Mitchell Would Be Proud Of' Award is The Leisure Society. Our readers voted for them because of their 'proper songwriting', 'clever lyrics' and 'beautiful melodies'.”

The Album of the Year That You Never, Ever Skipped a Track On. Ever – Bon Iver’s Bon Iver
SKoA says:
“After releasing their self-titled 2nd album in June last year, it's been on heavy repeat not just for us as a blog but our readers too. The tracks just ease into each other like a well oiled musical engine that just keeps on getting better with age. It's hard to deny that 2011-12 was a great year for Justin Vernon taking home a Grammy and gaining more than a little love from the world and the SKoA readers.

Best Free Download Album - The Weeknd - House of Balloons
The 405 says:
“When we asked the question "What is the best free download album from the past 12 months?" it soon became apparent that the category might as well have been 'What is your favourite Weeknd album from the past 12 months?" as nearly every entry was for Abel Tesfaye. His first release, House of Balloons, won hands down though

Superstar DJ in the Making – Disclosure
Data Transmission says:
“Disclosure are two very young lads - only 17 and 18 - and they are already slaying crowds from different genres from house and techno, dubstep and everything imbetween. They have a really eclectic style and just finished touring with SBTRKT. They have a very bright future ahead of them and are almost certainly superstar DJs in the making.”

Ultimate Mediterranean Anthem – Orbital’s ‘Belfast’
Geth Shooter on the 6 Mix Facebook says:
“While it's a track that makes me think of the sun rising the thing it reminds me of the most is Frank De Wulf's opening track at a night at the Eclipse in Coventry. I had the cassette tape of his set from the club and played it to death through the most of the early 90's. Beautiful, beautiful track.” 


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