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#6music2012 - What the bloggers say (part I)

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Producer Will Producer Will | 21:00 UK time, Friday, 30 December 2011


The bloggers have taken over and picked the music they think is going to soundtrack 2012.


Here's the first batch - who, why and when - what do you think? (Part II here)


Garbage – Milk (We Are Pop Slags)
We're looking forward to their alternative rock sound which was surprisingly pop, and will make a nice antidote to all the generic dance pop on the radio these days.

Clock Opera – Belongings (Faded Glamour)
We're particularly looking forward to the long-awaited debut album from London's Clock Opera, who combine magical electronica, innovative samples and poignant vocals to create something quite unique and quite brilliant. They've released a string of hypnotic singles, our favourite of which is the stunning Belongings, which came out last May on Moshi Moshi Records.

Duologue – Push (Fear of Fiction)
Duologue are doing something truly interesting at the moment. A hybrid of glitchy electronics, glacial synths and shoegaze guitars topped off with flourishes of violins and a mournfully bleak falsetto vocal combine to make something genuinely refreshing. Their debut EP A-B is out now and available on vinyl at Rough Trade. In all honesty this is the release I wish Radiohead's King of Limbs had been.

First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar (Strike Sparks Anywhere)
On first listen First Aid Kit might sound like your typical US folk group they are actually made up of Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg who, at just 21 and 18 respectively, are creating songs that grab you both lyrically and melodically. The Lion's Roar is the title track from their sophomore album which is due for release in late January. With the success of the 'Nu-Folk' movement this year First Aid Kit might well be one of the bands that ensures it continues in to 2012.

Maya Jane Coles - Parallel Worlds (4clubbers)
The standout star in 2012 will be Maya Jane Coles. She really went from strength to strength in 2011 playing everywhere from Space terrace to Glastonbury and Fabric and came in at number nine in the Resident Advisor poll.

Chapter 24 – Spindle (God is in the TV Zine)
Chapter 24 are a great band on the DIY label Odd Box, and I'm pretty certain they're going to take off in 2012. They sound like a peculiar mash up of Bow Wow Wow and Talking Heads and are damn good live as well!

The Weeknd – Lonely Star (Details of My Life)
Abel Tesfaye (a.k.a The Weeknd) put out a trilogy of free mixtapes last year which were heralded by both music critics and fans alike, and along with Frank Ocean, is at the forefront of redefining R&B. After lending his captivating falsetto vocals to four tracks from Drake’s #1 album Take Care as well as delivering stunning remixes for the likes of Lady Gaga and Florence + The Machine, The Weeknd’s career progression is on perfect course at the moment, which could result in him releasing potentially one of the best studio albums of 2012.

Hysterical Injury – Maths (Drunken Werewolf & Music Liberation)
Drunkern Werewolf
- Their debut album Dead Wolf Situation is due out on February 6th through Crystal Fuzz, with a little bit of help from Strummerville. Freshly partnered up with her brother Tom, Annie Gardiner lets out a shrieking howl of bass met by an earth shattering drill of percussion. Think Blondie mashed with Battles and you’re getting close, but Hysterical Injury are unique in their own right, the best Britain has to offer, and certainly ones to watch within the coming year.
Music Liberation - Originally from South Wales but now based in the West Country, Hysterical Injury have a clear vibrancy and energy that helps to set them apart from their piers. Annie's soft and delicate vocals are set against some vicarious drums from Tom, while the album features some really gnarly bass guitar that’s clearly turned right up. Hysterical Injury are full of ideas and have a real passion and commitment to express those ideas through their live shows and debut album - 2012 is theirs!

D/R/U/G/S – Lust (A New Band a Day)
One person who is going to go onto bigger and better things in 2012 is D/R/U/G/S. I first saw him over a year ago in a dingy basement in Manchester, and I was blown away in a way I haven’t been since the last time I saw Orbital. At some point he’s going to be a real big producer


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