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#6music2012 - What the bloggers say (part II)

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Producer Will Producer Will | 21:10 UK time, Friday, 30 December 2011


And the music keeps on coming, on and on. This is what some of our friends in the blogosphere think is going to be huge next year.


If you missed Part I - here it is.

Cloud Nothings – No Future/No Past (Vainzine)
The new Cloud Nothings album, Attack on Memory, produced by Steve Albini promises to be very special indeed. This is the first single off the album which is due out on January 24, and if 2012 is the year of Grunge revival then Cloud Nothings will be it's leader.

Frank Ocean – Swim Good (Muso’s Guide)
He's already written for Kanye West, Jay Z and Beyonce amongst others, however, it’s the strength and inventiveness of his song-writing which is why I’m tipping him to do big things next year. Ocean’s an astonishingly gifted songwriter, and the narratives and melodies on tracks like Novacane, There Will Be Tears and Swim Good hold up to repeated listens and brim with his unique personality. His debut album proper is due out early in 2012, and will largely be collaborator-free to bring him the attention he deserves.

Jay Weathers – I Like It (Instrumental) (Better Never Than Late)
We se big things from Jay Weathers. Like a showdown between Santana and a piano in the wild west the bass lands. Then listen to the alien synths try and communicate through a spaced out mix.

The Widowmaker – Black Monday (Oh Deary Me)

Heard of The Widowmaker from the line up at Camp Bestival 2011 and have been mesmerized ever since. He's a needle in a haystack. Beautifully melodic, he's a pure joy to listen to and I'm looking forward to seeing what this talented folk artist has to offer in 2012.

Kick Up The Fire – These Canvas Shoes (Cougar Microbes)
South East London's Kick Up The Fire released their debut EP late on in 2010 to great reviews. They've been plugging away since playing all the traditional London watering holes and beyond. Tracks like No Fun In London and These Canvas Shoes, arguably their best track, personify why this lot hold so much promise and why I hope the British scene sits up and takes notice.

Blondes – Wine (Dummy)
There is so much good music I’m looking forward to next year, and one band I have been following for a long time now is Blondes. The duo hail from Brooklyn and they make electronic music which is really ecstatic and really melodic. Their album is due out in February.

Brenmar – Temperature Rising (Dalston Oxfam Shop)
Brenmar is a DJ and musician out of Chicago. His remixes lately have been fantastic, he recently did a great mix for Opening Ceremony and has been working closely with Sinden. With connections also in fashion, he has a good finger on the pulse of new urban and dance acts from the US.

Steve Boardman & Dave Congreve – Your Sun (Beats and Beyond)
Dave Congreve is probably my favourite underground house/techno DJ in London at the moment – and has been for several years. You always get the best underground 4/4 sounds in Dave’s sets and while his tunes always tack the sonic influences from the original Detroit and Chicago sounds which are finally getting an airing again. He’s been a DJ’s DJ for too long, I hope in 2012 he finally gets some wider props! He’s always working on new productions, so I think 2012 could really be his year…


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