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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 16:55 UK time, Tuesday, 12 July 2011

NowPlaying Facebook page

Hey listeners - good news for all of us, I reckon. We've now got a dedicated Facebook page to facilitate our online conversations with you through the week and during the show itself. As you know, we like to confer with you each week - firstly to decide on a Theme Of The Week related to one of the current hot topics in the online world - and secondly to pick tracks and artists that are more or less related to said Theme, for inclusion in that week's show.


The great thing about having our own Facebook page is that it'll alllow everybody involved to have a say about the show. Any listener can start a related discussion topics of their own there - you no longer have to wait for us to post something here and then respond to it. Obviously you're welcome to post on any topic you want on the new page, though if you're an artist it probably isn't the most effective place to get airplay for your new single - for that, head along to my BBC Introducing show instead and tell us about your tunes.


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