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Goodbye in this format

Susan Watts | 12:03 UK time, Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Some of you may have noticed that I'm not the most frequent of bloggers. Under the Beeb's new blogging policy, frequency is uppermost in deciding who stays and who goes. So this is my last blog.

I'll still be writing longer pieces, as an online complement to items that run on the programme. But it's goodbye in this format

Funny, because just a few days ago a colleague decided to check out a blog I wrote on the power of aspirin - before deciding whether or not to buy a tonne of the stuff, to help ward off cancer.

And that got me thinking about other postings, and their unexpected ripple-effect, like the one that prompted an invite to a closed door meeting ahead of the Copenhagen climate conference, and led to interviews with key players.

Then there was the one that prompted contacts from within the UN system to get in touch over how to make the best use of science in warning the world about tsunamis, or nuclear accidents.

And my first pandemic flu blog, which kept people calling with suggestions for fresh lines for the programme.

Others that made a mark include a posting on the death of the campaigner Haydn Lewis, who told the world so much about the plight of haemophiliacs in the UK by being brave enough to make his own story public.

My personal favourites include: bringing together Stephen Hawking, Eels and the Theory of Everything, uncovering the truth behind flammable water in taps on America's east coast.

And the numerous items that didn't quite make it onto Newsnight, but needed telling, like interviews with relatives of Alan Turing - before the surprise official apology from the government over the way their computer pioneer uncle had been treated.

I'll miss all that, Susan

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