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More on David for shadow chancellor

Michael Crick | 22:18 UK time, Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ed Miliband is desperately keen his brother accepts the job of shadow chancellor. As I reported earlier Ed Miliband plans to offer his brother the job in next few days.

"He must accept it," one of Ed Miliband's senior advisers told me tonight. "He has to accept it."

Otherwise the Ed Miliband team know their choices for shadow chancellor are very limited - especially given the nature of today's result.

The other option would be Ed Balls. But that would entail a significant shift in economic policy - to the Left.

And today's result, effectively decided by the unions, against the wishes of Labour MPs and members, means that Ed Miliband will have to shift to the Right, and away from the unions, to answer Conservative tants of 'Red Ed', a poodle of the unions.

"It's a desperately complex knot," said my source.

There was speculation that the shadow chancellor job might go to Yvette Cooper, Ed Balls' wife.

But many might perceive that as almost the same as appointing Balls himself.

Alan Johnson may not want the job, and many think he would not have the economic credentials to match George Osborne.

Another possible option, Liam Byrne, might not win election to the shadow Cabinet given the huge number of candidates who plan to stand.


  • Comment number 1.

    "tants of 'Red Ed', a poodle of the unions.

    "It's a desperately complex knot," said my source."


    Its all pretty meaningless, this news. We will be living in a totally different world by the time they regain power. More QE deflation will suddenly shoot to inflation. US will hit hyperinflation and that complex knot will take us down the pan with the US. You see they will not stop fractional reserve banking; break up the banks; stop derivatives; stop naked short selling; stop high frequency trading manipulation; apply a Tobin tax. So the bankers will blow themselves up and the UK will go to and be the slave of the IMF.

    That source got a tattooed bum Crick ?

  • Comment number 2.

    Liam "there is no money left" Byrne as Shadow Chancellor.

    Christmas come early for the Tories!

  • Comment number 3.

    'More on David ..'

    A lot inherent in those words.

    Looking at post, after post, after post, I'll simply wonder just how much more one might be expected to take.

  • Comment number 4.

    Did not Mr E Milliband play an important part in writing Mr J G Brown's election Manifesto? Will be not be strung out like Mr N Clegg who was always centre right (see the "Orange Book") but is being tortured by regret at his public utterances before the May 2010 election? Can they both say "Je ne regrette rien"? "I can change my coat to remain in fashion for the new political game without loosing their ardent fans adoration" But is there anything underneath?

  • Comment number 5.

    if Ed picks Balls for chancellor it will be a massive step forward for the left but he won't do it, he will risk the wrath of the brothers but appease the City.....


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