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Could it be Mayor Livingstone again in 2012?

Michael Crick | 12:55 UK time, Thursday, 3 December 2009

To the Irish Embassy for their annual Christmas bash. Over the excellent canapes and fine stout (as an old-fashioned BBC man I can't name the brand) I had a good chat with Ken Livingstone.

I had heard a year ago that Mr Livingstone was telling friends that he would definitely oppose Boris Johnson for London mayor in 2012, and that if Labour wouldn't have him as their candidate, then he would seek nomination from the Greens.

A semi re-run of 2000 perhaps when Frank Dobson beat Mr Livingstone for the Labour nomination (or rather there was a stitch-up) and so Mr Livingstone ran as an independent instead, and won of course (before returning to Labour in 2004).

And Mr Livingstone and the Greens would probably be pretty comfortable with each other.

So I put the rumour to Mr Livingstone last night. If he couldn't get the Labour nomination in 2012 would he try and become the Green candidate instead?

No attempt at a denial. He just smiled.

I put the question to him again a few minutes later. And he smiled again.



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