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How Modern Generals Come Unstuck

Mark Urban | 17:54 UK time, Tuesday, 12 May 2009

General David McKiernan's fall from grace is a salutary reminder of what's at stake for the US in Afghanistan.

Defence Secretary Robert Gates dismissed him with some modern management speak about the need for, "new thinking and new approaches", but his departure after less than one year in the job has more of a feel of World War I or II about it, when generals were routinely "broken" or "came unstuck" in the febrile atmosphere of total war.

Gen McKiernan was widely respected for his intellect. Having interviewed him shortly after the 2003 invasion of Iraq (the ground element of which he masterminded) I can attest to his soft spoken, cerebral presence.

But it also became clear, when my questions about the wisdom or otherwise of disbanding the Iraqi army visibly nettled him, that he was a man uncomfortable with press scrutiny.

Last year, someone who had seen the general in action in Kabul told me, "he doesn't get on well with Afghans". His downbeat pronouncements about the progress of the military campaign had annoyed people in Washington too, where some regarded him as verging on the defeatist.

Gen McKiernan did not look or sound like a man of the "Yes We Can" school. His fall reminds us that in the modern age people who cannot get on with foreign leaders or get their media message across are simply unsuited to high command.

The US will now send General Stanley McChrystal to take over the command of its war in Afghanistan. Gen McChrystal manages to combine the unlikely attributes of a smooth media operator (having been a Pentagon spokesman), with the fearsome battlefield reputation of being a key player in the secret world of special operations, turning the tide in Iraq.

Those who worked with Gen McChrystal as commander of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), running America's elite counter-terrorist forces such as Delta Force, say he was like a soldier monk, taking just 10 days off a year and often accompanying his operators on "door kicking" raids in the worst parts of Iraq.

In 2005-6, when even many of the generals running the US war there seemed to be giving up hope, Gen McChrystal increased the pressure on al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Iranian-backed Special Groups.

Will Gen McChrystal apply his relentless, aggressive, approach to Afghanistan? We will be watching out for the signs of any change in strategy or message. The "Af-Pak battlespace" is of course quite different to Iraq.

Gen McChrystal will already be calibrating just how different.


  • Comment number 1.

    For several years now I have been watching news reports from the BBC and others showing both UK and US camps in Afghanistan.

    What has shocked me most is that an identical policy to the failed policy in Vietnam has been put into place - namely having forts or outposts in enemy territory where you install a company or a platoon of soldiers in an attempt to lure in the enemy. At which point you call in air support and hope to blow the enemy to bits before they over-run the fort.

    This tactic proved a disaster in Vietnam as it gave the Viet Cong the all important mobility whilst those US troops in the outposts were static and an easy target. It also hugely demoralised the US troops as, at best, they felt like sitting targets and at worse jumped in the night to every creak, crack and birdsong they heard from outside the outposts. The occasional armed patrols outside of the outposts were usually undertaken by hugely demoralised and even frightened troops after weeks or months of being a target.

    Anyone who knows anything about military historian knows about this. I have therefore sat in stunned silence watching this tactic used in Afghanistan. Non wonder they have finally kicked out that US General!

  • Comment number 2.

    soldier monk to fight soldier martyrs? makes sense. in such a war would we want anyone rational? it might be a handicap?

    given the usa beat the british through what today would be called terrorism you would think they understood counterinsurgency better?

    With Gen McChrystal having been in charge of a highly secretive operation that hunted down and killed key jihadist fighters, including, most sensationally, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq one get an idea of what is to come? death squads? a strategy that worked against the ira?

  • Comment number 3.

    So a military man has been replaced with a media / marketing man in Afghanistan, the bankers did something similar, replacing farsighted doomsayers with small minded if not outright dishonest marketing cheerleaders, and how did that work out?

  • Comment number 4.

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  • Comment number 5.

    The USA's attitude to the rest of the world is very similar to Britain's view of the rest of the planet in the early 20th century, namely that "we rule the world".

    Until the USA relinquishes this isolationist and offensive (to others) attitude, it will not win hearts and minds.

    Perhaps General McKiernan's viewpoint is the correct one. Afganistan is a "no-win" situation. If so, he was fired because the blinkered politicians and megalomaniacs Stateside, did not find the real truth palatable.

    After all was the US invasion of Iraq a success? If the answer is "yes", it is a highly qualified one.

  • Comment number 6.

    The replacement (sacking!) of General McKiernan does not bode well for ISAF, He seems to have got on well with other members of the Allied Forces.
    Will McChrystal be able to?, His background could suggest tensions with the Alliance.
    A Washington Yes Man, with a Gung-Ho attitude, is the last thing the allies need! His experiance in Iraq, does not mean the same tactic's will work in Afghanistan, kicking in door's, is not the way to win Afghan "Hearts and Minds"!
    I fear he will start to lecture Allies (ie Us !).
    Iam no Expert, but i doubt that a Special Forces style COIN strategy is the right one for Afghanistan, it lacks the Urban, countryside mix of Iraq. A conventional Infantry campaign, backed by a extensive Civil Program, might be a better option, The strategy followed by McKiernan!
    On a personel note the dismissal of General McKiernan, was a cruel blow to a excellcent Soldier.

  • Comment number 7.


    Caine and Able

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    Bomb, Bomb Iran Options

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    No Sweet Deals

    Arab League Secretary-Geneal Amr Mussa rejects outright the idea of sweetening the deal making it more amenable for Israel to accept by revising the peace plan where Palestinian refugees would be resettled into a demilitarized, Palestinian Authority state to be established on the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the rest would remain and be absorbed into the Arab states where they are presently living, forfeiting the right of return to Israel.

    One Spark Is All It Takes

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  • Comment number 8.

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