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What spending would you cut?

Peter Rippon | 15:20 UK time, Friday, 24 April 2009


From Peter Rippon, Newsnight editor

This week's revelations about the dire state of the public finances seem to be a political game-changer. Forget the old arguments about tax and spend, the discussion and argument now is going to be about how you raise taxes and how you cut public spending.

The main political parties have already started to set out some ideas. For the government it looks like the Titan prisons are gone . David Cameron sketched out his provisional thoughts on the Today programme this morning and Vince Cable was choosing from the Liberal Democrat menu soon after the Chancellor sat down.

We recognise on Newsnight though that it can be hard for politicians to be explicit about the uncomfortable choices ahead - there are going to be many losers. They are also burdened with political strategies, messages to control, images to project.

You though, dear viewer, have no such constraints. So what spending would you cut?

We are keen to hear your views, they can be as radical or counter-intuitive as you like. What could we do without? How much could you save? What is it you really resent having your money spent on?

There have been some really interesting online experiments where the public have helped law makers actually decide the budget, like this one in Minnesota.

We on Newsnight do not have such lofty ambitions but we are keen to hear new ideas and creative thinking about what is going to be one of the defining political questions for the next generation.

So let us know your thoughts. I realise this will prompt a lot of trolls to argue the first on the list should be the BBC. That's fine, but my challenge would be do not just say it, make the case.


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