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Prospects for Thursday, 19 June, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 19 Jun 08, 10:48 AM

Today's output editor is Shaminder Nahal - here's her morning e-mail to the production team:

Hello everyone.

We have the second of our brilliant Burma films tonight. Investigative journalist Simon Ostrovsky reports on the aftermath of cyclone Nargis - we see the harrowing journey he makes into the disaster zone, and how people there are coping with the aid that's trickling through. Shall we have a discussion?

What on earth are Europe's leaders going to do about the Irish NO on Lisbon. David Grossman and Neil Breakwell are in Brussels.

Do we need to open the debate on GM because of the global food crisis? That's what the Environment Minister, Phil Woolas, seems to be saying. Susan Watts is on the case.

Are there any lighter stories you think we should get on air? Please look around.

Other big stories around:
Hamas/Israel ceasefire watch.
Zimbabwe. Mugabe and Mbeki have held talks. Bodies of MDC supporters have been found. Rice discussing crisis at Security Council.

Anything else? See you in a minute.

Yours, Shaminder

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