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Thursday, 12 June, 2008

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  • 12 Jun 08, 04:34 PM

davis203.jpgIs the resignation by the Shadow Home Secretary a sign of principle in politics or a temper tantrum at the top of the Conservative party?

We'll have the latest on the Davis bombshell after an extraordinary day at Westminster.

Plus we'll also be reporting from Ireland on the knife-edge European referendum and from Australia on the man who was seen as the Gordon Brown of Down Under.

So why has Prime Minister Kevin Rudd done so well?

Prospects for Thursday, 12 June

  • Newsnight
  • 12 Jun 08, 11:10 AM

Good morning. Today's output editor is Dan Kelly - here's his e-mail to the production team...

Good morning all.

Some good stories today - what are your thoughts?

Today sees the culmination of the BMA's campaign against the government's plans for so-called "super-surgeries" in England. They claim that plans for polyclinics and GP-led health centres - which will group more GPs together and offer extra services - will lead to the end of the traditional local GP surgery and many closures. They've managed to spook their patients too - 1.2 m have signed a petition opposing the plans. Are doctors just protecting their own interests? Ministers say the BMA campaign is "mendacious" and "misleading".

What more can we do on the secret documents story?

The Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty takes place today. How has the No campaign - a rainbow coalition of nationalists, free marketers and left wingers - managed to bring Europe to the brink? David Grossman is on the story in Dublin.

We have a piece from Australia on PM Rudd - why has he succeeded where Brown has not?

Annie Lennox is being awarded with a Red Cross honour today for her charity work on Aids, but can Celebs ever do any lasting good in this field or is vanity the real winner? We have an interview.

Other ideas? Guest suggestions?


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