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Tuesday, 10 June, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 10 Jun 08, 06:03 PM

42 days
From 28 days to 42. What are the chances of success for Gordon Brown with the serried ranks of Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and some Labour backbenchers implacably opposed to this key part of the Government's Counter-Terrorism Bill?

brown_42.jpgTomorrow's debate could be a defining moment for Gordon Brown's premiership, but far from bringing more MPs onside, opposition may be hardening with key players bolstering the case against - the DPP Sir Ken MacDonald, the Lord Advocate in Scotland Eilish Angiolini, the former Justice Secretary Lord Falconer, and the former Prime Minister John Major.

On the other side - the Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, the independent reviewer of terror laws Lord Carlile, the Chair of the British Muslim Forum, Khurshid Ahmed and the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove. Tonight we will be doing the parliamentary arithmetic and asking whether Gordon Brown has made an effective case for 42 day detention, and if he fails is it a matter of confidence?

Why is it that the NHS in England and Wales insists that if you pay for any part of your treatment privately then you are barred from NHS care for that condition from that point on? The papers have revealed countless cases recently of people who've topped up the care and landed themselves with a bill. We know that Lord Darzi is producing a report for the government on future care but will he deal with this issue? Paul Mason is investigating and we'll debate the issue with leading proponents from both sides.
Join our NHS debate here.

Kirsty is also just interviewing President Museveni of Uganda - one of Africa's most senior leaders. He recently visited Zimbabwe and with opposition leaders there worried that elections will be neither free nor fair. She'll be questioning this friend of Mugabe about what next for the country.

The Pump
Finally here at Newsnight we've adopted a petrol station. With growing concern about the price of goods we wanted to hear views from the pump. If you too are feeling the credit crunch - and with news today that many home-owners are facing negative equity there must many of you - then please put your comments at the pump below.

England 0 - Austria 0 (SubbuteEuro2008)

  • Paul Mason
  • 10 Jun 08, 05:54 PM

Sunday's alternative Euro2008 Subbuteo clash between England and Austria (off BBC premises and outside work time - see Idle Scraw, passim) failed to scintillate. Despite Capello's best efforts the placing Owen up front in the 4-2-3-1 formation (we are still waiting for the superglue to set on Wayne Rooney's hip) didn't work. At half time England had to revert - Frank Bassett style - to 4-4-2, replacing Owen with a circa-1956 vintage cardboard Subbuteo figure in a Newcastle strip....

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Prospects for Tuesday, 10 June

  • Newsnight
  • 10 Jun 08, 11:18 AM

Today's output editor is Simon Enright - here's his morning e-mail to the production team:

Hello All,

So what should we lead on today? Tomorrow sees the crucial 42 day parliamentary vote and David Miliband has cut short his trip to fly back today to help lead the debate.

We have an interview with President Museveni of Uganda. We can ask about so many different issues... Ethiopia's famine, Zimbabwe, continental leadership, South Africa? What should we ask him about?

The Conservative MP for Billericay, John Baron, has called a debate on NHS co-payment in the Commons today. If you top up your NHS care with private help then you get clobbered with the whole bill for your NHS treatment. Does any party have a policy which addresses this - we are all waiting for Lord Darzi's report which is due out soon.

What about poverty - is there more on that we should do today after the Archbishop yesterday? The official figures out this morning. If the Gordon Brown government isn't tackling this then what are they for?

Finally we have the second of our films about how the credit crunch is biting - at the Petrol pump. Jackie Long with Hugh Milbourn producing. Should we do more on the economy?

Or should we just ask Susan Watts to explain to us why the dolphins are dying Cornwall.

There is space for more ideas so do come armed to the 10.30 meeting.

All the best


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