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Thursday, 5 June, 2008

  • Kirsty Wark
  • 5 Jun 08, 06:33 PM

Expenses scandal

chichester203.jpg His response on West country TV to the revelations:"Here I am leading that process for the last couple of months and whoops-a-daisy I am shown up to have made a mistake." How could Giles Chichester get it so badly wrong?
Is the government heading for another policy climb-down? A major shake up of the planning process designed to speed up consent for big infrastructure projects is under fire from all sides of the Commons. MPs fear that the creation of a new Infrastructure Planning Commission will allow ministers to force through big projects such as motorways and power stations despite local opposition. Now miraculously the debate on the bill's report stage timetabled for Monday has disappeared into thin air, wiped from the agenda. Is the government running scared of its backbenches again? We'll be speaking to the Planning Minister John Healey.

US politics
More politics from across the Atlantic. Scott McClellan was George W Bush's White House Press Secretary for three crucial years during which he says in his new memoirs that President Bush "veered terribly off course" and was not open and forthright on Iraq. Given that he admits that some of his own assertions from the White House briefing room turned out to be "badly misguided". I'll be asking him live about what share of the blame he takes for his bosses actions. 
We'll also be hearing from our reporter alongside the Obama camp in Virginia - the latest on possible running mates, tactics and the Hillary issue.

Cheapest car
And exclusively revealed on Newsnight tonight, the world's cheapest car - the Tata Nano. We have the first look inside the factory which is making the £1,000 car which could revolutionise car culture in India and bring a new set of questions on climate change.

And we want Newsnight viewers to participate in the launch of our UK map to create a picture of the health of the NHS at 60.

NHS at 60 - A picture of health

  • Newsnight
  • 5 Jun 08, 02:53 PM

nhs203.jpgOn 5 July 1948 the National Health Service was brought into existence, making free public health care at the point of delivery available to all, funded by the tax system.

The NHS that is now 60-years-old is a very different beast. A hot topic at election time, how best to fund, run and modernise it is a thorny issue that successive governments have tackled with mixed results.

As part of Newsnight's coverage, you can tell us what the NHS means to you.

In the run-up to the anniversary we want to know about the NHS in your area. What are the issues that are most important to you? What are your experiences of the NHS?

We are producing a map to show the hot topics in your area so be sure to select the issue that matters to you from the dropdown menu, plot your location on the map and add your comment. Click here to see the map.

You can also contact us privately - click here to send us your comments via Newsnight's webform, where you can also find details of how to send us photographs and video.

And Liz MacKean explains more about the project in the video below.

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Prospects for Thursday, 5 June

  • Newsnight
  • 5 Jun 08, 10:29 AM

Hello all,

There's news around and a few things already set up. I'm keen to look today at the new planning laws that will be debated in parliament on Monday. Politicians giving up powers to a new commission - is that the right way? David Grossman has planned this and John Healey the minister will do an interview.

But there is also lots of other news. Richard Dannatt wants more pay for privates in the army. Gordon Brown wants more kids with knives in court.

We have the first look inside the factory that is making the world's cheapest car - the Tata Nano. It could revolutionise sales of cars in India - and that has climate change implications.

We've also two other short films planned: The launch of our UK map to find a picture of health with the NHS at 60. And on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the assassination of RFK we look again at the theory that CIA agents were present in the hotel the night he died.

What else should we, can we do? How else should we deal with the planning story? Should we have guests?


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