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Have the UFOs stopped coming?

  • Newsnight
  • 12 May 08, 12:05 PM


Today the Ministry of Defence started releasing their UFO files.

They are all accessible on the internet through the National Archives UFO website - or watch the Newsnight take on the story here.


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    Oh pur-lease. Isn't it enough that Fat Gordon's "Consulation" on Social Care is reported as news. Now 'NewsN' seriously proposes to run this tosh? You can't even give us a description of knifemen on Oxford Street, and you want the nation's nutcases to tell you whether that cigar-shaped object they're sure they saw in 1958 was pink or blue. Starve the lizard. News please. Facts, stuff like that. Good day to you.

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    Why is this worth discussing on Newsnight?

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    Oh yaasehshalom! You failed to indicate the backing track for your posting!
    Please read this to the tune of 'Fly Me To The Moon'. News is dead. Long live Showbiz.

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    Where's my lengthy comment?

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    (Ok, I'll try type it again, for the THIRD time!!!)

    There HAVE been UFO sightings in recent years. What about the two separate airline pilots who witnessed an object at least a mile long over the Channel Islands in April 2007? What about the spate of sightings in Stephenville, Texas, in January 2008? The continued plethora of sightings in Mexico? (Carlos Diaz?). The continued inter-dimensional communication via complex, mathematically perfect crop-formations (which defiinitely are NOT the work of two old codgers with a plank of wood and a ball of string!). The information channelled by David Wilcock and others (eg. the 'Ra' material) that reveals the coming Earth Changes - Pole Shift and Consciousness Shift in the year 2012. The work of Dr. Steven Greer in USA, who abandoned a lucrative high-flying medical career to devote his life to UFO research, and founder of the Disclosure Project. He now has at least 400 eminent and credible witnesses prepared to testify to Congress (ex-military, Intelligence, Radar staff, airline pilots, etc).

    I'm getting sick of typing this, so I hope it works this time!!!

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    5. At 3:34 pm on 13 May 2008, Anarchy_UK wrote:
    Where's my lengthy comment?

    There is a character limit. Like many newspaper blogs. Only without telling you. You'd have thought this might have been mentioned (especially as I brought it up before), but, well, things to do, important news to garner, pressing editorial topics to prioritise, I guess...

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    Aha! Cheers. I was beginning to get paranoid, thought maybe I was about to receive a visit from the Men In Black for speaking the truth about the Alien/UFO phenomena. Talking of which, it is not so much that sightings have lessened, I suspect, but that mainstream media is failing to report them. That is why I am surprised that the BBC are daring to approach the matter.

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    Peter Horsley, one time equerry to the Duke of Edinburgh, and a man of impeccable credentials, had a meeting with an alien, which he recorded in his autobiography.

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    The report this evening on Newsnight was one of the worst I have ever seen on this complex and bizarre subject. Pitiful rubbish. These sightings may have nothing to do with extraterrestrial life in the conventional sense. They may well be the best evidence we have for the multi-dimensionality of the Universe. They may also point towards extra-sensory faculties buried deep within the mind that may ultimately be important for our spiritual evolution as a race.

    But all we got was a load of tosh about some ancient crop-circle prankster. Shame on you, Newsnight. Stick to your knitting.

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    Even though Newsnight's report on crop circles was intended to be humorous, it does not excuse sloppy research and broadcasting of false information.

    Whoever created (and is still creating) crop circles, it is not an old man with a plank of wood. He might have done a simple circle somewhere but he could not have created more than a hundred of the most complex, intricate designs, especially considering that they usually appear overnight in different locations around southern England.

    If you doubt this, look at the crop circle pictures on covering a 16 year period. Why did your reporter not show some crop circle pictures to the old man and ask him how he managed to make these incredible shapes?

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    When are we ever going to get some intelligent coverage of this important issue? I expected more from Newsnight, but I should have known better. The media are all a part of the disinformation process to debunk the phenomenon and deliberately mislead the public as to what is really going on.

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    Congratulations to the BBC and Newsnight for portraying the subject of UFO’s with such ridicule ‘matter of fact’ disinformation and ‘unimportance’ that will surely contain the majority of the more 'respectful' ‘powerful’ and ‘intelligent’ sections of the nations individuals from any further thought – (go back to sleep everything is OK and Normal – we are in control and you are so very clever and superior).

    I for one am glad that I do not have to bother my big brain again with such outstanding mysteries of superior technological craft of unknown origin encroaching UK’s airspace with unchallenged ease, together with the implications upon global society of the confirmation of the existence of higher intelligence(s). I can once again turn to the important things in this world that are news worthy like Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

    Thank you also for finally explaining the mystery of crop circles – who would have ever guessed that such pin point accuracy of the massive intricate three dimensional breath taking and astonishingly complex designs of some crop circles that appear within hours were made by an old man on his way back from the pub with a plank of wood and a conical attached to his flat cap. Mystery solved.

    Laugh, laugh. Oh how I laughed. Anyone who can not see right through this report for what it is – I have got news for you – it is you that require the reality check and it is you that is being laughed at. WAKEY WAKEY. THINK FOR YOURSELVES AND RESEARCH THE FACTS.

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    There is a vast and clearly perceptible difference between hoaxed formations and other ones. What about the actual crop stem damage? In hoaxed ones they are broken, in 'real' ones they are bent by tremendous heat from inside!

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    Why don't Newsnight interview Lt. Colonel Charles Halt (USAF Retired), the officer in charge during the infamous Rendlesham UFO case?
    Or Dan Burisch? David Wilcock? Dr. Steven Greer?

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    The idea that crop formations are the work of an old bloke with a plank of wood is, frankly, absurd, and an insult to our intelligence. Debunk all you like, but this won't go away!

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    Please do your research properly before re-releasing this bizarre propaganda about Doug and Dave. In your video you show some examples of crop circles that are THE most primitive possible. If you did just 15 minutes of research you would find photos and videos of crop circles of staggering size and complexity--not to mention beauty--which have appeared over the years and in fact are still appearing today. Doug and Dave are a couple of old farts by now and I doubt they have raised an army-which is what you'd need to complete these in one night, in the dark, with no chance to practice beforehand--to take over their so called handy work. The Doug and Dave theory has been shown to be a complete farce, in fact they were supposedly paid off by the MOD themselves to be the 'fall guys' I don't know about that, but I do know that the crops that are laid down to form these shapes are bent, not broken, in fact they keep on living and thriving after being laid down, there are molecular and electromagnetic changes in these plants and NO FOOTSTEPS HAVE EVER BEEN FOUND in or anywhere near the formations, entering or exiting the fields.

    I know it's convenient for a news writer to offer a 'solution' to these baffling issues with Doug and Dave, but why the need to lie to the public so much about these formations? BTW: you're entire report on the UFO files says nothing at all. There is absolutely no discrediting of any of the evidence/reports from people you've interviewed at the MOD, only by your reporter. Why bother? If you have nothing to say, please don't make a story about it.

    Your report has made me as angry as few things in life ever do: there is so much intriguing information out there with no known solutions--why offer false ones? If you don't have a real one, just leave it alone.

    While these issues are mesmerizing and possibly some of the most important news on the planet with regards to the possibilites of a limitless universe, please be much more responsible with reporting in the future and please DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

    Thank you.


    Zsolt, Leeds

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    The 'aliens' are here to help us through the coming Pole Shift in 2012. Some are E.T's, some are Ascended Masters, all are inter-dimensional Light Beings.


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