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Wednesday, 21 May, 2008

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  • 21 May 08, 02:55 PM

Jeremy's presenting tonight, hotfooting from Crewe and a name check in PMQs.

lama203.jpgThe Dalai Lama's tour of Britain has caused all sorts of controversy - not least for Gordon Brown - but are attitudes to China changing following the earthquake disaster? His Holiness himself has called on Tibetans not to protest against the Olympic torch when it visits Lhasa. We'll be debating the new mood.

David Grossman's in Crewe on the eve of the crucial by-election, on another torrid day for the Government. Jacqui Smith got a rough ride from the cops, and pressure is building on the Chancellor over his 10p tax fix.

As the Democrat primaries rumble on inconclusively, the Republican candidate John McCain has been setting out some detail of what his foreign policy might amount to. We'll be talking to his foreign affairs adviser Robert Kagan (and you can watch an earlier interview with Obama's former adviser Samantha Power here).

And where's our political editor Michael Crick? Not in Crewe and Nantwich, but in Moscow on a private visit to watch the Champions League final (it's his birthday). We hope to catch up with him live, whatever the result.

Prospects for Wednesday, 21 May

  • Newsnight
  • 21 May 08, 10:58 AM

Peter Barron is today's programme producer - here's his early email to the team.

Good morning

We're looking for 1.5m plus today, but what they'll actually watch is wide open.

There's no obvious lead, but plenty of stories - we could go big on one issue or hit any number of them.

Dalai Lama meets Brown, but not at Downing St. There could be a big fuss

Ban ki Moon due to arrive in Burma - we hope Laura Trevelyan may get an interview

Crewe and Nantwich - last day of campaigning + PMQs

The primaries rumble on - we have an interview with McCain foreign policy adviser Robert Kagan

Champions League final - probably just a watch

Or it might be a good day to go off agenda?


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