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Monday, 19 May, 2008

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  • 19 May 08, 05:34 PM

The Meaning of Life

embryos2_203.jpgThe next 24 hours will see some of the most important debates on issues of conscience for almost a generation. MPs are today debating the new Embryology Bill which would allow the creation of so-called saviour siblings. This would permit embryos to be selected because they are a tissue match for a sick older brother or sister. The bill would also permit scientists to create human-animal hybrid embryos. The role of fathers in fertility and the upper limit for abortion will also be voted on.

Science Editor Susan Watts and Political Editor Michael Crick will have the latest on the votes from the Commons. And we'll be debating the ethical and scientific implications of these highly charged votes which could lead to some of the biggest changes in Britain's fertility and embryology laws for decades.


The Conservative leader, David Cameron, has promised "good housekeeping" as part of his party's economic policy. He said the Tories believed in long-term tax reduction. But does it all add up? Michael Crick is on the case. We hope to be joined by a senior member of the Shadow Treasury team.

US Elections

Matt Frei returns to Culpeper in Virginia to see what sort of impact the downturn in the US economy is having on people there.

Prospects for Monday, 19 May, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 19 May 08, 10:22 AM

Today's output editor is Robert Morgan. Here's his morning e-mail to the production team:

Good morning everyone,

There's quite a bit around today. There's the embryos bill, Conservative tax and spending, and Burma for starters. Any ideas welcome.

We also have the latest instalment from Matt Frei and the good people of Culpeper.

Playout thoughts?

See you in a minute,


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