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Thursday, 1 May, 2008

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  • 1 May 08, 06:32 PM

polling.jpgDear viewers - Voting is continuing in the local elections in England and Wales. Polling stations will have closed by the time Newsnight is on air tonight and results will be starting to come in. Political Editor, Michael Crick will be in Bury, Lancashire and David Grossman will be following the mayoral contest in London with the latest news and analysis. We'll also have fascinating results of a BBC / ICM Election poll. Leading politicians from all three main parties will join us in the studio to discuss how they've performed at the elections.

Kyle Fisher
A babysitter serving life for murdering a neighbour's child has been released on bail, after having her conviction quashed. Suzanne Holdsworth, who's 37, had been found guilty of killing two-year-old Kyle Fisher by smashing his head against a banister. But the Appeal Court ordered a retrial after hearing that the boy had been prone to epilepsy, and could have died from a seizure. John Sweeney has followed the case closely for Newsnight. He has the latest developments for us tonight.

Are Elizabeth Fritzl and her children - abused and hidden for almost a quarter of a century - also victims of Austria's culture of secrecy, and even the country's state of mind? A former tenant of Josef Fritzl, who has confessed to confining his daughter and fathering her seven children, claims he heard noises and asked Fritzl what they were, only to be told it was the basement gas heater. Newsnight's Robin Denselow is in the small Austrian town of Amstetten to try to find out how such horror was never detected, and the impact it has had on the country. The Austrian Chancellor has announced a campaign to repair Austria's image abroad, but is it a period of analysis within the country that is needed?


Prospects for Thursday, 1 May

  • Newsnight
  • 1 May 08, 10:31 AM

Robert Morgan is today's programme producer. Here is his morning email to the production team. You can contribute your ideas and views below.

Good morning everyone,

Voting is under way in local council elections in England and Wales - and in the contest to decide who'll be the next mayor of London. About 4,000 seats will be decided. It's the first big electoral test for Gordon Brown as Prime Minister.

Jeremy Vine from the BBC Election programme is going to give us a run down of the key electoral battlegrounds and we'll have an ICM poll for tonight. Michael and Hugh are in the North of England. David and Myranda are in London. We'll need to chase up guests from the three main political parties.

Robin Denselow is in Austria examining what the Fritzl case tells us about the country and its past.

Other stories include the Bank of England report, and the Holdsworth appeal. Any other ideas welcome including playout thoughts.


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