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Wednesday, 9 April, 2008

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  • 9 Apr 08, 05:49 PM


mpc203x100.jpgThe men and women of the Monetary Policy Committee are back in the spotlight today as they begin their deliberations on whether to further cut interest rates. Their decision will be announced tomorrow but will it make any difference ? Are UK interest rates an effective instrument in a globalised economy and what can the government actually do to soften the impact of an economic downturn ? Newsnight reconvenes its own MPC tonight.


What is Hillary's plan now? It's certainly not looking good as, with the loss of three key members of her campaign team, those 'misspeaks' and a Pennsylvania poll win looking increasingly uncertain, she holds out for a little help from her super delegate friends. But can they really save her?


jodrell203x100.jpgThe biggest funding crisis for decades has hit the world of astronomy. Although the latest Science budget overall was up, you don't have to have a microscope to it to see there is less money for fundamental physics and astronomy - the exact subjects credited with pulling young people into science. Some fear that the future of one of Britain's greatest assets, Jodrell Bank's Lovell telescope, is now at risk. Susan Watts reports on why the government has upset the astonomy community so much and asks if this signals the end of blue skies thinking. Read Susan's feature here.

Prospects: Wednesday, 9 April, 2008

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  • 9 Apr 08, 10:30 AM

Carol Rubra is today's programme producer - here's her early email to the team.

Good morning,

MarketsThe economy seems to be the biggest story of the day so far - let's talk about what we should focus on. IMF has put the cost of the banking crisis at $1000 billion and downgraded growth predictions for the UK economy, plus continuing pressure on mortgages and housing, and rising inflation. Is it time to hear from our Shadow MPC?

We have a film from Susan Watts on how changes to science funding has led to hears that the future of Jodrell Bank is under threat and that the move away from funding pure science will mean young people are less inspired to pursue scientific careers.

And space for your own ideas - what are you interested in, what would make news? Hillary's campaign, government waste, RyanAir's adverts, Olympic torch?


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