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Monday, 7 April, 2007

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  • 7 Apr 08, 05:35 PM

Jeremy's presenting tonight's programme.

Diana inquest
Princess Diana The jury in the Diana inquest has ruled that Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana were unlawfully killed as a result of the actions of their driver, Henri Paul, and the pursuing paparazzi.

The CPS cannot, however, pursue prosecutions for foreign nationals for deaths abroad, even if the victim is British.
So has the inquest been worth the money? We'll have reaction to the verdict tonight and the results of a Newsnight poll on people's attitudes to the inquest. Download the pdf of the full results here.

Ten pence tax
Some thought that Gordon Brown's decision to scrap the 10 pence tax band in his last budget as Chancellor in favour of a cut in the basic rate was a political masterstroke at the time. Not any more.

The Treasury Select Committee and many of his own backbenchers have criticised the decision - which has come in to force this month - on the basis that it will leave the poorest people worst off. The Prime Minister used to talk with missionary zeal about tackling poverty - do Labour's heartland voters still believe him? And does it play into wider anxieties amongst Labour MPs about the PM's vision?

Olympic torch
The progress of the Olympic torch through Paris was stopped altogether today after the flame was doused twice by protestors. Can we expect such protests everywhere the torch goes, from now on?

Meanwhile, questions have been asked about the role of the Chinese security officials who surrounded the torch on its passage through London and Paris. Some London protestors - and even one torch bearer - allege they were heavy-handed. Who exactly are they - and what rights do they have on British soil?

Climate change
Nasa's top climate scientist said today that the world has already reached dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The former Chancellor - Lord Lawson, doesn't think so. In his new book, he claims that we've all been duped into taking climate change too seriously. He'll debate the point with the head of the Science Museum.

Prospects: Monday, 7 April, 2008

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  • 7 Apr 08, 10:18 AM

Liz Gibbons is today's programme producer - here's her early email to the team.


What would you like to cover today - and how would you like to cover it?

Food waste
Treasury select committee report on 10p tax rate?
Chinese torch protests - how can we move this on?
Zimbabwe - is there a key interview we can push for?
Any other big bids/off agenda stories you've spotted?

We have a film from Liz Mackean about food waste.
And we have an interview with Nigel Lawson about his new book which questions whether climate change is all that much of a problem.

And the Diana inquest might end.


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