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Chinese media to planet earth: you are wrong on Tibet....

  • Paul Mason
  • 6 Apr 08, 10:39 PM

Twenty-five “torch relay offenders” were arrested, China’s official news agency Xinhua reported tersely just now. They showed a photo of Gordon Brown with the torch and interviewed a man called “Nick” who bemoaned the politicisation of the games. Nowhere did Xinhua explain what the issue behind the protest was.

My colleagues on BBC Sport, meanwhile, had to turn the special programme on the Olympic Flame relay into something resembling an highlights video of the Met Police rugby team blitz defence. The attempt to take the flame from Konnie Huq is currently the most watched video on the BBC website, closely followed by the attempt to douse it with a fire extinguisher. As Dame Kelly Holmes ran into the Dome flanked by police, more police, and Chinese men in blue uniforms whose jurisdiction on British soil in not, even now, clear to me, the “friendly Olympics” looked about as friendly as the Poll Tax riot.

It’s been a major publicity coup for the protesters and a PR disaster for the British government. With publicity like this you do not need Youtube, although there is plenty on Youtube also.

However, almost unnoticed except by Zhongnanologists (the Chinese version of Kremlinology is named after the CCP HQ complex in Beijing) the Chinese goverenment is mounting its own international media campaign, and I think it is worth readers of this blog having a look at it...

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