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  • Michael Crick
  • 10 Mar 08, 02:54 PM

There was a little unease amongst the Lib Dem high command at my presence at the conference on Friday. Political editors tend to shun the gatherings so there must be something juicy, they thought, to tempt me to take the three-hour train journey to Liverpool at the end of what had been a very bad week for their leader Nick Clegg.

But the story - juicy or not - almost failed to make air on Friday night when my producer was trapped in the lift for well over an hour at the Lib Dem run City Council's brand new conference centre.

Another example of the good old Liverpool tradition of dirty tricks?

CaravanTalking of which, and following my story on Friday about Liberals adding laxative to the milk-bottles outside Conservative HQ on polling day, a veteran Lib Dem councillor gave me another good 'dirty tricks' story dating back to the Manchester Exchange by-election in the early 1970s. The Conservatives had no base in the constituency, so they set up their campaign headquarters in a caravan on a piece of wasteland. Liberal activists soon noted, however, that the Tories failed to guard the vehicle each night - instead they just locked up and left. So one enterprising Liberal, without announcing his identity, procured some Labour posters from the Labour HQ, and in the middle of the night plastered them all over the Tory caravan.

You can imagine the Conservatives' fury the next day. So angry were they that they forced Labour's north west regional organiser to go through the humiliation of scraping the posters off the caravan one by one with a knife. Smirking Liberal activists kept their distance, of course.

Or so the story goes...

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Smirking? Dirty Tricks? Just like naughty school children, only these children have just given our beloved country away! Perhaps it's good news after all. Well, the fat cats in Brussels (Or wherever they live) could hardly do worse than the lying, fornicating bunch of spivs that we have had in charge for the last ten years.

Perhaps the Europeans will "Allow" us to keep some of our hard earned cash instead of stealing even more from the lower paid.

I refer, of course, to the doubling of the tax band for the poorest from 10% to 20% which will take effect next month.

As this is "Non news" don't expect the liberal, labour, lefty pro europe media to report it.

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  • At 04:42 PM on 10 Mar 2008,
  • PJG wrote:

I do wonder whether the BBC and other websites might develop the technology to prevent people from posting who are actually foaming at the mouth as they type....

The lift was not stuck, it was just having trouble making the decision to go up or down. Should have had a referendum, only polite to ask the population (of the lift) what they wanted to do

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