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Location, location, location

  • Michael Crick
  • 14 Mar 08, 02:23 PM

This is the season of the spring conferences (although they all take place in winter), but this year all three major parties have been rather unfortunate in the locations they've chosen.

First Labour went to Birmingham where the party has been accused of massive fraud in postal ballots. Then last week the Liberal Democrats went to Liverpool where they run the city council - unfortunately for them, that council was recently declared by the Audit Commission to be one of the three worst financially managed local authorities in England.

And today, the Conservatives are holding their conference in Gateshead, where the party hasn't had an elected councillor since 1996.

Worse still, one of the last Conservative councillors in Gateshead was a gentleman by the name of Derek Conway - the Conservative MP disgraced over his misuse of parliamentary staffing allowances to employ members of his family.

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  • 1.
  • At 05:09 PM on 14 Mar 2008,
  • Lilly Evans wrote:

So, why not have a little look to see who actually chooses these locations and what was the respective reasoning this year? It could tell us something more about the thinking that goes on behind the curtains, so to speak.

It would be fascinating, I bet!

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  • At 07:08 PM on 14 Mar 2008,
  • tim Fry wrote:

I very much enjoyed last Friday night's battering of Patricia Hodge, Culture Minister by Kelvin Mackenzie, ex-Editor of the Sun Newspaper(?), vis-a vis, Council Tax. He was speaking for all OAPs' who are crippled by this unfair tax.
I predict that come the local elections in May, Gordon Brown and his pals will get an almighty battering from the electorate!!! A big wakeup call for all Labour backbenchers!! BWS Tim Fry

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