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Lib Dem resignation

  • Michael Crick
  • 5 Mar 08, 11:33 AM

Nick CleggI hear that Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has already accepted one resignation from a front bench member over the issue of holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

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  • At 12:37 PM on 05 Mar 2008,
  • Bedd Gelert wrote:

It was Paxo wot won it !!!

Superb !!!

Based on last nights Newsnight performance I think you may have tipped your second major political event - the inevitable exit of Nick Clegg. ( Your first was the election of David Cameron ).

Just a shame you couldn't get a flash version of the Lib Dem Bird shooting game on your site...

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  • At 03:25 PM on 05 Mar 2008,
  • Daniel wrote:

After his calamitous performance last night (good old Paxo!), Chris Huhne must be rubbing his hands together.

This is a disaster for the Lib Dems, whoever was on Media advice last night needs taking out and shooting, Clegg was definitely very poorly briefed and couldn't even explain his own position properly.

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  • At 03:33 PM on 05 Mar 2008,
  • Daniel wrote:

After his calamitous performance last night (good old Paxo!), Chris Huhne must be rubbing his hands together.

This is a disaster for the Lib Dems, whoever was on Media advice last night needs taking out and shooting, Clegg was definitely very poorly briefed and couldn't even explain his own position properly.

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  • At 03:43 PM on 05 Mar 2008,
  • Richard de Gerber wrote:

Paxo shot Clegg to bits, the usual Lib dem flannel however, Paxo showed us that under examination the Lib Dems fall to bits, lets hope the media apply the same methods at the next election because we all know the Lib Dems get an easy ride compared to the Tories! Still those of you who thought watching Clegg was bad, well my MP is Ed Davey his behaviour the other day ended up with him being sent out of the chamber, his re-election prospects in Kingston are slimmer by the day as people realise his is a complete waste of space and a lightweight!
please make the lib dem bord shooting game available online it would be rather popular, unlike the Lib Dems themselves!


I am non-party and anti humbug. Clegg's error was to join in the Wesminster game and think he could live in that atmosphere while beating the system. We know that Mr Speaker mummifies anyone who steps out of line; further there is an all-party tacit agreement not to rock the boat enough to let in any water-of-reality. Parties pick Wesminster fodder with the relevant bias. When The Lib Dems accepted Clegg, they got it wrong. Take a hard look at the sort of "being" who thrives in Wesminster. See what I mean? We might need more Cleggs, not less!

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  • At 06:52 PM on 05 Mar 2008,
  • Chris Neil wrote:

"Clegg was definitely very poorly briefed"

So was Paxman, if you believe what he says about M&S underwear.

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  • At 07:28 PM on 05 Mar 2008,
  • Squirrel Nutkin wrote:

Given that the British political establishment and news media value party unity above all else it is a shame that the LDs have been unable to hold to a common course on this particular question.

However I think you'll find that they all believe that (in the real world we inhabit): (i) our powers of self-determination are actually greater within a framework of European cooperation, (ii) the EU is the only such framework with a chance of succeeding, (iii) in order to succeed the EU needs democratising and streamlining.

Unfortunately in the sixth-form debating society that passes for our parliament the chance to argue rationally for such positions in the best interests of the British people is excluded by the tactical manoeuverings of Tweedledum-Tweedledee political parties (I’d have used the term “Punch and Judy” but that nice Mr Cameron and that serious Mr Brown have forsworn that kind of politics).

Of course I do not expect certain previous commenters to stop and think about the fundamental political issues – they evidently prefer ranting to thinking.

Are they the increasingly desperate supporters of UKIP (or more extremist groupuscules) whose thoughts are totally warped by their belief that “Europe” is uniquely a fount of evil (in the same way that various other obsessives feel about Islam, the Vatican, masons, immigration, fluoridation, vaccination…)?

Of are they (as seems to be the case for Daniel double-post and Rickie the Gerbil) juvenile cheerleaders for the Conservatives, seizing any opportunity to drown out serious discussion by shouting “Liberals bad, Tories good” in the strange belief that it will impress voters who got fed up with nasty party behaviour a long time ago?

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  • At 10:48 PM on 05 Mar 2008,
  • carlos wrote:

How this group of upper middle-class proto-communists can destroy the soverienty of this country, and the apathetic public and military institutions sit by as the greatest threat to this country since the second world war takes place, is a national disgrace.

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  • At 10:58 PM on 06 Mar 2008,
  • Roy M bainbridge wrote:

Would someone please explain,how a total lightweight like Clegg,could become leader of the Liberal party,when the only man of stature in the party { Vince Cable }was left on the side lines.To think that the referendum on the EU constitution, was decided for this country,by a mere boy.

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  • At 11:45 PM on 09 Mar 2008,
  • Paulus wrote:

My recent fears that the young liberals were once again resorting to inward looking kamikaze tactics rather the selecting a more mature and competent leader this time, espec. with the outstanding Vince Cable in mind....., became sadly true when its new young leader ordered his MPs to abstain from voting in the Europ. debate..... Abstaining does not represent any politcal principles. It is simply a waste of time to all , incl. the electorate, pro or contra Europe feeling abandoned by a party that sits on the fence in such an impotant matter.. The party members might just as well have stayed home after they had already walked out earlier... It is student politics , underestimating the intelligence of the electorate.: two totally naive, futile and " dangerous" actions considering the possibly negative consequences the party could not afford. The Lib-Dems are in no position to risk losing any of its " new" MPs yet again, fought hard for by some excellent recent leaders. After Vince Cables impressive performances in the Commons and studios towards the end of 2OO7, i.e. quality politics at its best, making millions of people feel keen to know more about the SD, unfortunately, many felt let down already within Mr.Cleggs first two months... Perhaps the party has been its own worst enemy for years. One remembers David Owen, Roy Jenkins, Charlie Kennedy,.Ming Campbell and now the outstanding Vince Cable, probably envied for by all the other parties... Perhaps it just does not deserve any better..

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