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Monday, 31st March, 2008

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  • 31 Mar 08, 06:21 PM

Dear Viewer,

Jeremy Paxman presents tonight's programme and we'll be focussing on the events in Zimbabwe.

MDC supportersAll the early reports said that the opposition MDC had won a clear victory. But two days after the polls closed we've only had a trickle of results - and they are split 50/50. Is President Mugabe trying to find a way to steal the election or are his colleagues just trying to pluck up the courage to tell him he's lost? We'll have the latest from Zimbabwe and will also be asking what the international community should do now.

So now we know - if we didn't before - that there was no conspiracy to murder of Princess Diana. That's from Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker in his summing up at the Inquest in the Princess's death. So what of Mohammed Al Fayed's claims? They are without foundation say the judge. So why did he make them?

We'll also have one more story - lawyers permitting - so you'll just have to tune in to see what it is.

Do join us at 10.30. Much may change by then.

Prospects: Monday, 31 March, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 31 Mar 08, 11:40 AM

Simon Enright is today's programme producer - here's his early email to the team.

Good Morning,

It seems from briefings out of Zimbabwe that Mugabe has not just lost but been thrashed in the election - but will he steal it? Can he? Where is power being brokered. We should try and answer all these questions tonight. Who do we need to speak too - and where should we focus our discussion in the studio.

Richard Watson and Meirion Jones have a strong tale of how one former Jihadi has repented. He is now trying to "convert" back many of those who he previously radicalised.

But what else should we do today?


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