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Friday, 14 March, 2008

  • Gavin Esler
  • 14 Mar 08, 05:25 PM

Quote for the day: "Hell is separation from God. Please assure your readers that failure to recycle a plastic bag will not result in that unhappy situation" - Peter Newell, of Crawley, West Sussex, in a letter to The Daily Telegraph.

Tonight Newsnight is on at a later time of 11pm on BBC Two following Sports Relief and 10 Day's to War (which starts at 10.45pm). In tonight's programme:

America's Northern Rock?
bearstearns203.jpgUS bank Bear Stearns has had to seek emergency funding backed by the US Federal Reserve. So is one of Wall Street's biggest names on the verge of collapse and what are the risks of contagion? George Bush admits things look bad for the American economy but says he is confident it will weather the storm. Really?

The Tories
We'll hear from the Shadow Chancellor George Osborne - we'll ask him to explain why the Tories aren't doing better given the poor state of the economy. Is it really wise to back the Government's spending plans and what ever happened to the promise of tax cuts?

Shannon Matthews
We'll have the latest on the extraordinary discovery of missing nine-year-old Shannon Matthews.

The worst rioting in Tibet for twenty years - is this the shape of things to come as the countdown to the Beijing Olympics begins?

Newsnight is at 11pm tonight on BBC 2.

Location, location, location

  • Michael Crick
  • 14 Mar 08, 02:23 PM

This is the season of the spring conferences (although they all take place in winter), but this year all three major parties have been rather unfortunate in the locations they've chosen.

First Labour went to Birmingham where the party has been accused of massive fraud in postal ballots. Then last week the Liberal Democrats went to Liverpool where they run the city council - unfortunately for them, that council was recently declared by the Audit Commission to be one of the three worst financially managed local authorities in England.

And today, the Conservatives are holding their conference in Gateshead, where the party hasn't had an elected councillor since 1996.

Worse still, one of the last Conservative councillors in Gateshead was a gentleman by the name of Derek Conway - the Conservative MP disgraced over his misuse of parliamentary staffing allowances to employ members of his family.

Prospects: Friday, 14 March, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 14 Mar 08, 01:22 PM

Dan Kelly is today's programme producer - here's his early email.

Good Morning.

We have some strong stories today.

Tibet pilgrims in Labrang MonasteryThis morning there are reports of gunfire and rioting in Tibet, what is going on?

Michael Crick is at the Tory conference - in the light of recent Government problems why are they not doing better? Given the concerns of Middle England about rises in the cost of living and higher taxes on cars, drink and income, many in the party believe they should concentrate more on policies which could ease the financial burden on the suburbs.

An interesting EU climate change report which says that global warming could lead to mass immigration into Europe - could this make voters care more about the environment?

Let's watch the dollar too. What suggestions have you got for guests, treatments and other stories?


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