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Tuesday, 11 March, 2008

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  • 11 Mar 08, 06:19 PM

School Admissions

A "shocking" number of state schools are breaking new admissions rules designed to make the system fairer. According to a government investigation some asked for financial contributions from parents as a condition of entry, others tried to find out the occupation of parents. So was this due to an ignorance of the rules or a deliberate attempt to circumvent them? And where does this leave the Labour government's promise to improve social mobility?

Labour and the Rich

On the eve of the budget David Grossman investigates Labour's attitude to the very rich. Last month they were targeting the wealth of the so-called 'non-doms' but tonight Business Secretary John Hutton will say that instead of worrying about huge salaries we should celebrate success. What's going on and what does it signal about tomorrow's budget?

Credit Crunch

Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders will look at today's decision by central bankers to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the overall financial system to try to ease the credit crunch.


Our Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban has a powerful film from both sides of the Gaza border. How have the lives of Israelis and Palestinians been affected by the conflict in the region and what are the chances of an agreement that will bring a lasting peace?

And don't forget to tune in at 10.30 to catch the second episode of the 10 Days to War series.

It's now 9 days to the invasion of Iraq and a group of senior Iraqi exiles are meeting to discuss their plans to form a post-Saddam government. But will the Americans back them?

Then later in the programme we'll talk to one of the central characters of the film, Francis Brooke who advised one of the key Iraqi exiles.

That's 9 Days to War plus Newsnight from 10.30 tonight.

Prospects 11 March, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 11 Mar 08, 11:05 AM

Dan Kelly is today's programme producer - here is his early email to the team.

Good morning all,

We have some good options today. Ahead of the budget, David Grossman has been examining party policy towards the very rich, and examines whether the public’s attitude towards tax and the very wealthy may have changed. Who should we do off the back?

Later today the Home Affairs Select Committee will reveal new figures about the number of young people missing from school rolls across the country - could this be evidence of a higher than expected number of forced marriages in Britain? There is also a separate and perhaps more rigorous study in Luton on this subject.

Mark Urban has a film from inside Gaza and we have an interview on the back of the 10 days to war drama with Francis Brooke.

What else? Citizenship classes will probably feel too old by tonight, but what do you think?


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