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Prospects - Monday, 25 February, 2008

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  • 25 Feb 08, 10:27 AM

Simon Enright is today's programme producer.

Good Morning,

The former Jersey children's home Haute de la GarenneheWhat has gone on in Jersey? And is there culpability from the political system there? We're trying to scramble a team out there. Any other lines we should pursue?

Speaker Michael Martin's broken no Commons rules. His spokesman just resigned because he'd told the press an untruth. And it was not Michael Martin's fault. So what is going on and has Martin lost the confidence of MPs or not? (Watch David Grossman’s original report on this story.)

We have a film from Chad about the role of French troops in the developing crisis there as refugees flood across the border from Sudan and Darfur.

And we also have an interview with Professor Joseph Stiglitz about his latest book looking at the economics of the war in Iraq.

We possibly do need one more thing but what?

OFGEM's largest ever fine on a company?
The Fair-trade debate - sales are up but the Adam Smith Institute is characterising Fair Trade as unfair
Or should we debate who had the best dress at the Oscars?

Bring your answers to the morning meeting. OR post them below.


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  • 1.
  • At 11:29 AM on 25 Feb 2008,
  • Bill Bradbury wrote:

Re. The Speaker's difficulties. I am sure the media and public would suffer withdrawal symptoms if we let a week go by without calling for the resignation of someone, so why should Mr. Martin be any different.

Why not open a "book" and give odds how long he will last? That should keep the pundits in a job for a little longer until the next great resignation event comes along.

As for me I am more worried about the state of the economy and wonder if the bank will write off my debts as quickly as they do others. What is the saying "owe a bank a few pounds and you are in trouble. Owe them £millions then they are."

  • 2.
  • At 11:42 AM on 25 Feb 2008,
  • Bob Goodall wrote:

Dear Newsnight

With every story you mention, people have being aware of them but the media behave like lemmings. and stories are only deemed newsworthy when it is perceived that every other media outlet is interested in the story,

this makes it far harder for people trying to make the world around them a better place and to fight for justice, and begs the question, how can the standard of journalism and journalists be raised?

the second storyline you might consider is the issue of a DNA database versus the ID card system.

There is a compelling case for the former (with various ways of implementing this, ie taking samples but not registering them until a group within an area needs to be looked at, or taking the samples of all young males, or all males)

while there seems only a sinister side to a very costly ID card system, which would not achieve what is claimed, but would enable the Government to control the population,

but the Home Office seems intent on the second and rules out the first.


best wishes

sorry to sound critical of journalists, its more out of personal frustration with what could have being achieved if journalists were more thoughtful and proactive, and of course like people not all journalists are the same.

  • 3.
  • At 03:42 PM on 25 Feb 2008,
  • Bill Bradbury wrote:

Barrie, I think you have covered everything but you forgot the MEP money trough!

But let us be positive, without all this mess our Newsnight presenters would be stuck with the trivia like the Oscars!--(oh dear they have), something about dresses!! -er I perhaps will watch Star Trek or something more uplifting, when that comes on.

  • 4.
  • At 04:03 PM on 25 Feb 2008,
  • Nick Thornsby wrote:

I heard a labour MP yesterday saying the stories about the Speaker has been a 'witch hunt' and it does feel a little like that. Also, why doesn't an MP/the govt put forward a bill so that the speaker can be removed with say a 2/3 majority of the commons. Surely if the speaker has lost the confidence of MPs, a bill will be welcomed and passed.

A story on fairtrade would be interesting. This report from the Adam Smith institute sounds interesting. So many people and organisations have gone fairtrade, it would be shocking if the whole thing is uncovered as a con. You could perhaps look at who makes the money, what the profit is etc.

  • 5.
  • At 04:06 PM on 25 Feb 2008,
  • neil robertson wrote:

'Wendy Alexander stories' re-surfaced
in most of the Scottish Sunday papers
at the weekend. It is not going away!

  • 6.
  • At 06:39 PM on 25 Feb 2008,
  • john russell wrote:

Starve the lizard Simon, is there anything to be gained by having yet another film crew and reporter loafing around the Channel Islands? At the last count, there are teams traipsing around USA, China, Russia and Kenya and droning on about elections and making the place look untidy.And telling us damn all that a phone call to a local reporter couldn't.
Could I request more reports like the piece that that feller Barnet did on trying to ask a question of our own dear Prime Minister, and less background stuff and vox pops from Swaziland, about which I care about as much as they'd care about my concerns ie. not at all.


It is quite disturbing when your post goes up (see Bill Bradbury’s comment – currently at No3) and then silently disappears . . . “All I did” was describe Britain’s plight as I see it. I remember Adrienne suffered similarly, and she really DID tell it like it is! And now she is sadly absent.
Challenging Britain’s obsession with GDP while “life competence” of the individual goes hang, is very hard to do without a strong, caring ally. It seems the BBC will not fill that role.
On Wednesday I am off to lobby Westminster for the referendum – that was also “taken down”. Perhaps I shall meet some of you bloggers?

  • 8.
  • At 12:45 AM on 26 Feb 2008,
  • Jason Roberts wrote:

We have been discussion the Jersey Sex scandal all day -,212.0.html
Jersemy Paxman was right in questioning Mr Walker on priorities.
The Island is very angry about this.

  • 9.
  • At 10:18 AM on 26 Feb 2008,
  • stevie wrote:

OK so it's a witch hunt and he did go to the wrong school and he was a welder but so was Billy Connelly, the toffs in Westminster really have it in for the Scots unless they make PM. As one who didn't go the right school I believe Martin should be held in higher esteem than he is. He has sullied the ranks of the working class by putting his nose in the trough and done a Kinnock, climb up the greasy pole and ditch your mates and make as much money as you can off the train called gravy. What an eddyfying spectacle.

  • 10.
  • At 05:04 PM on 26 Feb 2008,
  • Bill Bradbury wrote:

That puzzled me Barrie and I was beginning to imagine I had read it. Take heart, at least it got the thought police thinking.

When I was secretary of some organisation some years ago, my President was (is not now)a paid up member of the Communist Party.(we are talking 70's)When he used to ring me my phone had many "clicks" on it so perhaps we were having a 3 way talk with MI5/6 or whoever.
Ever since then I have never won on the horses or anything else for that matter.
There's paranoia for you!

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