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Tuesday, 26 February, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 26 Feb 08, 06:20 PM

Chip and Pin

chip203x152.jpgWhatever you buy in the shops, you probably pay with a chip and pin card, tonight Newsnight has exclusive evidence that they are vulnerable to fraudsters. The implications could be huge for millions of shoppers. We'll be asking what are the banks going to do about it?

Let us know if you think you have been a victim of chip and pin fraud.

Terror Trial

The missed opportunities in picking up the July 21 bombers can be disclosed today following the conviction of one of the most senior terrorist recruiters in Britain - a man who called himself "Osama bin London". Peter Marshall has the full story.

Jersey Claims

After the horrific findings in a Jersey children’s home last week, more accusations have been made on the island today of a "cover-up" in relation to separate child abuse allegations at a school in the 1990s. Are the authorities responsible for a conspiracy of silence over many years or are the claims without foundation? We have a report tonight from Jersey.

Nader Interview

From the US we have an interview with the independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader - why does he keep running for President and is he proud of his role in helping George W Bush to win the election of 2000?

Tuesday, 26 February, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 26 Feb 08, 10:55 AM

Today's programme producer is Dan Kelly - here is his early email to the production team.

Good morning, some strong stories today,

Susan Watts has a very strong story on the vulnerability of Chip and Pin machines. The research has been carried out by Professor Ross Anderson's team, and illustrates how relatively easy it is to tap into a machine and create a cloned card. Could this explain the increasing number of "phantom withdrawals" form customers’ cards reported across the UK?

The anti-depression report plastered across today's papers is interesting - but will it feel very old by tonight? Do you have guest suggestions that could move the story on?

Jackie is in Jersey. Senator Syvret claims to have evidence that previous child abuse allegations on the island were covered up. We'll look at the evidence and see if it's worth pursuing.

The Turkish Government is to publish a new version of the Hadith - the collected sayings of the Prophet Muhammad - taking out what are sometimes regarded as harsh and misogynistic messages. What will be the reaction across the Islamic world? Could this be the beginning of a "Reformation" in Islam (as some claim)? Who could we have on to discuss this?

There are also some interesting developments on the MPs’ expenses story at Westminster.

How should we cover these stories? What other suggestions do you have?


I forgot to mention, we have an interview with Ralph Nader too

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