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Friday, 22 February, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 22 Feb 08, 05:33 PM

iraq_soldiers203x100.jpgDid British soldiers really execute up to 20 Iraqi civilians in southern Iraq, as was claimed in a press conference today? Lawyers published a dossier concerning the aftermath of a gun battle in 2004 known as "The Battle of Danny Boy" named after the checkpoint where it took place. But how reliable is the evidence, based on the accounts of Iraqi civilians who were blindfolded at the time?

Who is Barack Obama? He is now definitively the front runner for the Democratic nomination, although Hillary Clinton may make an Alamo-like last stand in Texas and Ohio in ten days. But if it really is Obama versus McCain in November, what kind of contest is that shaping up to be? And will the Republicans simply paint Obama as the most left wing Democratic candidate for 40 years? We'll hear live from a top Obama adviser, Senator Tom Daschle.

"All In The Mind"
Alastair Campbell has written a work of fiction - no not another Government dossier - but a novel about a psychiatrist "his patients and family, and the pressures they bring to bear upon each other”. So can Alastair become a successful man of letters? We interview him live on the programme.

Prospects for Friday, 22 February

  • Newsnight
  • 22 Feb 08, 10:28 AM

Today's programme producer is Dan Kelly - here is his early email to the production team.

Morning all.

Open to lots of suggestions today on stories, guests and treatments. Plenty of stories around but what should we make our own?

Should agency workers have the same pay and conditions as other workers? A Private Members Bill is expected to receive strong support from Labour MPs today despite the opposition of the Government and claims from the CBI that 250,000 jobs could go. Can we shine a light on to the world of agency workers? What are their conditions and what are the consequences?

Peter Marshall is working on a profile of Barack Obama, which guests would you like off the back?

Other stories we could do include allegations of torture by British troops in Iraq. Serbia and reports that the Turkish army has entered northern Iraq.

Please come with lots of ideas.


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