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Wednesday, 30 January, 2008

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  • 30 Jan 08, 04:48 PM

Police officer conducts stop and searchIs the reform of stop and search powers crucial to protect the public from gun and knife crime? Both the prime minister and the leader of the opposition have promised action to make it easier for the police to stop and search suspects in the street amid rising concerns about gang-related violence. Jackie Smith will announce details of the government's plans to MPs next week. But do the rules need revising, or will an increase in stop and search powers rekindle the kind of racial tension we saw in the 1980s? Richard Watson looks at the evidence.

Derek Conway has announced that he will stand down at the next election. The Commons Standards Committee found that his son, whom he had employed as a researcher, had done little or no work for him. Michael Crick has been looking at how widespread the practice is of MPs using public money to employ their own relatives; and whether the law gives too much protection to MPs.

Democrat John Edwards is about to withdraw from the US presidential race and Rudy Giuliani is expected to do the same after coming third in the Republican contest in Florida. What does that mean for the remaining contenders and who gains and who loses? We'll have the latest from Katty Kay in Washington.

It's a curious fact, but there is no mechanism for getting rid of a sitting speaker in the British Parliament. Some MPs think after seven years it's time for a new face in the chair, but Michael Martin has indicated he wishes to contest the next general election as Speaker of the Commons. David Grossman assesses the case for change.

We're waiting to hear whether the Federal Reserve will make another interest rate cut this evening. Meanwhile Mervyn King has been confirmed for a second term as Governor of the Bank of England. Stephanie Flanders will be contrasting the different approaches here and across the pond.

Italy is again without political leadership following the collapse of the 61st government in 63 years. But does the end of Romano Prodi's administration also signal the collapse of the Second Republic - the much heralded "revolution" of the Italian political landscape that took place in the 1990s? With speculation that Silvio Berlusconi may return for a third incarnation as prime minister, many Italians are asking whether there is a new breed of leaders who can take the country forward. Christian Fraser reports.

Prospects: Wednesday, 30 January, 2008

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  • 30 Jan 08, 12:36 PM

Today's programme producer is Carol Rubra - here is her early email to the team.

Good morning,

Stop and Search
Police officer conducts stop and searchDavid Cameron has given an interview to The Sun in which he calls for the Stop and Search laws to be loosened saying you can't solve 2008 problems with 1980's eyes. Meanwhile Jackie Smith briefed the cabinet yesterday on Ronnie Flanagan's review of Stop and Search arrangements. Are they right that the rules need revising to prevent gun and knife crime or will it rekindle the kind of racial tension we saw in the 1980s? I'm also interested in looking at what the statistics tell us about who is committing gun and knife crime? Who would you like to hear from in a discussion?

Giuliani - may announce he's withdrawing from the Republican race today.

Winograd Commission on the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. It's expected to be critical of strategic mistakes made by the Head of the Army and possibly Olmert. We have an interview with the Ambassador.

Italy - We have a film from Christian Fraser on the political chaos in Italy and the state of rubbish collection in Naples and corruption.

Speaker - David is preparing a film about the Speaker of the House of Commons and whether he has the trust of MPs

Economy - various economy stories today - FBI fraud investigations, Fed meeting on interest rates, Soc Gen board meeting.


Any other stories you feel we should be covering instead of the above?

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