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Monday, 21 January, 2008

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  • 21 Jan 08, 04:44 PM

Simon Enright is today's programme producer


Jeremy is presenting the programme this evening.

Northern Rock
Alistair Darling announces his Northern Rock plan in the CommonsSo the tax payer gets to take on most of the risk of Northern Rock but not necessarily enjoy much of the profit. That appears to be Alistair Darling's latest plan to solve the problem of the troubled bank. The Tories say the government is gambling with public money. The Lib Dems are accusing the government of being politically frightened of nationalisation. We'll debate what the best thing really is for the tax payer and the bank.

There are dramatic pictures from Gaza where the power station is not working and the UN claim food supplies are running out because of an Israeli blockade. The Israeli government say recent events have been staged by Hamas and that the people of Gaza are not under any real threat. We're trying to find out the truth.

First we were definitely going to get a referendum on an EU constitution. Then it was a debate in parliament about whether we would get a referendum. Now there will not even be a debate. Michael Crick will explain.

We'll also be speaking to the former Norwegian Prime Minister. Why? Because Kjell Magne Bondevik is one of the few front line politicians to take sick leave because of depression. Despite this he was re-elected by the people of Norway. Would we be so understanding?

Do join us at 10.30. Many of you have already contacted us to discuss issues to do with your pants. We'll not be addressing your gusset anxieties directly on the programme but do leave us your comments below.


Prospects, Monday, 21 January, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 21 Jan 08, 10:26 AM

Today's programme producer is Simon Enright. Here's his early email to the production team - what do you think we should cover?

Hi all,

northernrock203mon.jpgWe should definitely do Northern Rock. What questions will we still need to answer at the end of today?

Feels like we should do the maths on the Lisbon Treaty - is it possible for the Government to lose the referendum amendment and what would happen if they did?

We also have an interview with the former Norwegian Prime Minister. Why? Because he is one of the few Western Leaders to take sick leave while in office due to mental illness. He was then re-elected. Would we have such a bold attitude to mental illness here?

We have a film from Steve Smith about pre-historic man-made mound Silbury Hill. He goes inside for the last time before it is sealed up.

Also possible today:
- There will be lots around on our approach to climate change this week. Should we include something today?
- Police Pay will also be a big theme this week. Should we take a step back and ask, like the IPPR, whether it needs totally restructuring?
- India should get permanent seat on the UN Security Council - so says Gordon Brown - along with a new place in the World Bank, IMF, and a redrawn G8.

Lots around. We can't fit it all in. What can we afford to NOT do.

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