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Friday, 18 January, 2008

  • Gavin Esler
  • 18 Jan 08, 05:31 PM

Today's Quote for the Day
"I think he shatters the myth of white supremacy once and for all" - New York Congressman Charles Rangel when asked for his views about US President George Bush.

China and the World Economy
Brown and WenGordon Brown is in Beijing and says he wants trade with China to double in two years. Meanwhile George Bush has been talking about a stimulus package to help the ailing US economy. I'll be exploring the significance of the Brown visit and the world economic problems with Senator Chuck Hagel, Chairman of the US Congressional China Commission and Lord Digby Jones, the new Trade Minister.

The Captain of the British Airways jet which crash landed at Heathrow airport yesterday has spoken of "the highest standards of skill and professionalism" displayed by all the crew on board Flight BA 038. Susan Watts has been trying to establish what caused the crash.

Bobby Fischer
bobbyfischer203.jpgThe former chess champion, Bobby Fischer, has died in Iceland. He was 64 and had been seriously ill. He made his name as one of the world's greatest - and most temperamental - players. A Grand Master at 25, he won the world championship in the highly-publicised match with Boris Spassky in 1972, breaking the Soviet domination of the game. Steve Smith looks back at a Cold War legend.

Josh Brolin in No Country...After Newsnight, Kirsty is joined on the Review sofa by Pablo Mukherjee, Denise Mina and Tom Paulin to discuss: No Country For Old Men, the Coen brothers' bloody new western based on Cormac McCarthy's novel; His Illegal Self the latest from Australian author Peter Carey; Tim Burton's take on the Sondheim musical version of Sweeney Todd, with Burton stalwart Johnny Depp; and a double bill from the Bush Theatre, London - Land of the Dead/Helter Skelter.

More details on all those on the Review website, and read about and watch Newsnight's encounter with the men behind Sweeney Todd - Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

Prospects - Friday, 18 January, 2008

  • Newsnight
  • 18 Jan 08, 10:25 AM

Today's programme producer is Robert Morgan. Here's his early email to the production team.

Good morning everyone,

Gordon Brown escorted by Chinese Premier Wen JiabaoThere are a few good stories around today. Gordon Brown has used the start of a visit to Beijing to declare that he wants to see a doubling of trade between Britain and China in two years. The Prime Minister said closer co-operation between the two countries could create tens of thousands of jobs for British workers. China currently has a lot of cash to invest abroad.

Meanwhile in the US, President Bush will speak about his economic stimulus package that includes "short-term, temporary measures" to boost an economy buffeted by housing and credit woes. Yesterday Wall Street dropped a massive 300 points over fears of a recession.

Is this a crucial moment in the growing economic power of China? Could we combine both stories? We also have a pre-recorded interview with Senator Chuck Hagel set for this afternoon. Could we add this to the sequence?

Let's pursue new lines on this story. The preliminary report is out tomorrow. Susan Watts is on the case.

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